Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Pre-workout fuel: Life bar with peanut butter
Workout: Ran 7.1 miles in 1 hour, 1 minute and 11 seconds; average pace, 8:37.

1. The wind. It was back today - or still here, depending on how you look at it. For a brief moment, I thought about saying eff it and going home. I always think about things like that - quitting, giving up - but I can never muster the energy to face defeat. It's much easier for me to push through and keep going than it is to admit that I can't do something. Just call me a stubborn you know what an elite. To get what I'm saying check out this piece by The New York Times if you haven't already. Very good reading.

2. After I got past the first 0.5 mile or so, things didn't seem that bad. The only real "problem" we encountered was a down tree on the trail as a result of Tuesday's storm. I would guess that it was struck by lightning in the brief downpour as opposed to the wind. I don't want to think that I ran in winds strong enough to knock down a 30-foot tree.

3. Last night, I was standing in the kitchen and eating a half-slice of toast with orange marmalade as I flipped through the latest issue of Cooking Light. All of the sudden, my mind went straight to the episode of "Sex and the City" when the girls discuss their SSBs - Secret Single Behaviors. (Season 4 - "The Good Fight")

Carrie enjoyed putting grape jelly on a stack of saltines and eating them - standing up - while reading fashion magazines. And there I was, standing in the kitchen eating toast with jelly (sort of) reading a magazine. I'm so like her!

I feel a bit embarrassed that I can just retrieve such details from the show but I can. And I can probably relate my life to any part of the show at any given point as well. Even weight loss. (Remember when Miranda went to Weight Watchers or something like it? And when she binged on chocolate cake and had to put dishwashing soap on it?)

If you ever wanted to know how Mark and I fight, this is it. Just like that.

There I go again, putting myself in the Carrie role. If only I had the wardrobe of Manolo Blahniks. It's just me and my single pair.

Is there a movie/TV series that you quote often and without abandon?


  1. ahh great SATC memories! thats a great show. I love when Miranda eats the choc cake out of the trashcan...I've so done that. oops :).

  2. I've never watched the show but I loved the fight scene. I have many SSBs still and the only way I get away with them is because my Hubz and I don't work the same hours! Hehe!

  3. That was a very interesting article. I can't wait for "C" to read it so we can discuss it on our next run. And yes - you ran in winds strong enough to knock down BIG trees. Dude - "C" has about 10 downed trees on her property . . . HUGE trees (no lightening strikes, just wind!). You are THE WOMAN!