Monday, September 13, 2010

Crossed out

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of whole-wheat toast
Workout: 20 minutes upper body with weights; 15 minutes stretching; and 2.2-mile walk with Denali.

I'm not going to lie ... I was a bit disappointed this morning. I was walking Denali, just past the elementary school and noticed an adorable fifth-grade boy with fiery red hair. Wearing a bright yellow vest, he ushered across a fellow elementary school student. Me? No notice at all. Not even Denali got a glance. So much for the two of us crossing the street safely.

You see, I would often run by the school in the spring during my Flying Pig Training. There's a nice incline and it was the closest I could get to hill training here in the FW. Nearly once a week - sometimes more often if I included it on a walk -- I would pass the school. Each time I would pass, even if I was doing repeats, the fifth-grade crossing guards would stand in the middle of the street, with their little signs, and make sure I was safe. A bit weird and cute all at the same time.

So you see, I half-looked forward to my fellow ginger helping a girl out this morning. A return to routine. An act of chivalry. Instead, all I got was a half-decent walk that stretched out some semi-sore legs.

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  1. I didn't say it earlier, but the lego kids picture cracks me up everytime I see it. Sorry that your previous crossing card "graduated" to 6th grade. There's always next year . . . or maybe when you find another good one - you write to his/her teacher to get the child held back a year. Just sayin'