Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sole of a runner

Best post-long run activity? Taking your poor feet ...

that are so calloused and beat up from running and going to get a much-needed pedicure.

Of course, it's a little awkward trying to explain to the nail tech that the pedicure may or may not cause your bruised toe nail to fall off and she shouldn't be alarmed. There's also the bit of embarrassment that comes with her spending what seems like forever removing the nasty bits and trying to get the soles nice and smooth.

What follows, though - the hot water soak, the leg massage, the weird pounding on the side of my legs ...

is pure bliss!


  1. I need one so bad. But I got a bruised toe nail and it actually fell off. I hope it grows back!

  2. Seems like a fantastic way to thank your feet for all their efforts during a half-marathon!