Friday, August 27, 2010

Rants and, well, rants

Pre-workout fuel: Whole-wheat toast with apple butter
Workout: Ran 5.03 miles in 43 minutes, 48 seconds; average pace, 8:42.

Rant No. 1: The Garmin said I ran 4.97 miles and good ole MapMyRun said I ran 5.18. Something's not right there.
Of course I knew something wasn't right that last mile or so when my effort wasn't being reflected in the pace on my Garmin. I also knew something wasn't right when what should have been 1.1 miles, give or take, was more like .97.

Dang it, technology! How am I supposed to know whether I'm really super awesome if you don't work? Grrr. At least the Garmin wasn't effed up the whole time, and it's only the last mile where things weren't working right.

Rant No. 2: I thought old ladies were supposed to be good drivers. OK, at least cautious drivers. Not so much. At least once during each of my past two runs, an old lady has totally rolled past a stop sign and nearly hit me as I crossed the street. I try to look meanly at them as they fail to abide by traffic laws but then I feel guilty for looking at old ladies with such disdain.

Rant No. 3: There is no Rant No. 3. I just prefer to have things in threes. I'm weird like that.


  1. I totally agree with the rule of 3s (and so does my boss)

  2. I'm glad the old ladies didn't hit you. I do the same thing... and feel bad when I give them mean looks. Hmph.

  3. I am wondering if there isn't a solution to your garmin issues out on support of their site? What's that last mile like - maybe losing signal? You are fabulous no matter a qtr mile!

  4. In reference to rant #1 - seriously, you had to ask "How do I know if I'm awesome?" Ummm - cuz you left the house at one time and traveled a distance and returned home at a specified time and um . . . you did it!!!! Oh yeah, and you've done 2 half marathons and lost how much weight? Yeah - I'm not sure that a Garmin is the only way to identify whether or not your awesome! SMILE!