Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Back in the saddle

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of whole-wheat toast with Amish cherry jam and Amaretto Cream roast coffee.
Workout: Rode 10.26 miles in 58 minutes, 17 seconds; average speed, 10.6 mph.

1. Green Envy rides again! This morning, Mark and I took the best bike ride in, like, the history of bike riding. It was relaxing, cool and breezy, fun. My joy on the bike was almost child-like as I zipped around the path, sped down hills and negotiated inclines. I can't wait to hit the trails again and log some more bike miles after half-marathon training is over.

Denali begged to go on the ride but not this time.
Maybe we'll get a
Springer bicycle attachment?!

2. I was attacked today. On the bike. Attacked by a giant lady-hatin' bug. OK ... maybe it was just a cicada but a black flying object came zooming toward me and pelted me in the neck. And it hurt. Not badly, but it hurt nonetheless.

3. I had hoped to make steel-cut oats last night so that I could have an oat parfait with Greek yogurt and banana soft-serve. Did you notice I said hoped? I forgot about the oats until about 10 p.m., and I wasn't going to stay up a half-hour more. Island waffles to the rescue! After my ride this morning, I put two whole-wheat waffles in the toaster. As those got warm and toasty, I put about a third of a banana in a mini food processor. Once it got to soft-serve consistency, I add some 0% plain Fage, 1/8 teaspoon coconut extract and 1 teaspoon honey. Process till creamy. I put that on the waffles and topped with it mango chunks (frozen in a bag), some pineapple tidbits and toasted coconut. Let me tell you that words cannot describe this breakfast. The yogurt mix was a billion times better than that sugar-free syrup I used to use, and the combination of flavors was divine. Must. Repeat.


  1. I too was pelted by a HUGE bug 2 days in a row last week. My training partners heard the impact. I wasn't sure what type of bug it was, but yep Cicada sounds about the right size. And it does hurt - a bit! Thanks for confirming that such random assaults do indeed happen. Your breakfast sounds like a lot of work, but very delicious. You're such an inspiration.

  2. Oh, and in case I don't get back to your blog in time - GOOD LUCK AT THE RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!