Friday, July 30, 2010

Leader of the pack

Pre-workout fuel: 1/2 slice of whole-wheat toast with apple butter and Amaretto Cream roast coffee
Workout: Ran 3 miles in 28 minutes, 29 seconds; average pace, 9:29.

Last night, after fast-forwarding through much of this week's "Teen Mom," I got out my Flying Pig bag and started to pack for Chicago.
  • Adidas shorts (for the race)
  • Under Armor tank
  • Temp shorts (after the race)
  • Nikes (expo walkin')
  • Mizunos, to be packed after a.m. run
  • PowerBar (race-day breakfast)
  • PowerBar Gel Blasts energy chews (eat one at mile 3, another at mile 9)
  • Coconut M&Ms
  • Optic Nerve sunglasses
  • Disposable washcloths (so Mark doesn't kick my stinky butt out on U.S. 30)
  • FitFinder bag (for gear check)
  • SmartWool socks
  • Garmin, to be packed after a.m. run and a good charge
  • Gatorade
It's quite the list. It's definitely more intensive than my list of necessities for my honeymoon in Cancun. I certainly didn't take PowerBars or Coconut M&Ms.

Yeah ... did you catch those?

I found these goodies at CVS when I stopped in for those disposable washcloths and other hygiene items for the trip. OK, I didn't just find them ... I searched for them. I had seen them around, and I figured running 13.1 miles was as good a reason as any to try these bad boys. I'll be putting them in my bag slated to go to gear check so I can munch on 'em while I await to receive No. 496 in my age group at the post-race party.

Have a great weekend, and I will "see" y'all on Monday.

P.S. Check Twitter updates (@redheadrunswild) for race results.

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