Friday, June 25, 2010

Pleasure's in the 'pudding'

I would like you to meet my new best friend.

Her name is ... well, she doesn't have a name. She's too cool for that. I can tell you a little bit about her, though. She's made with 1 cup of prepared steel-cut oats that have been refrigerated, a container of honey-flavored Greek yogurt, chopped apricots and a healthy dash - or 10 - of cinnamon. Mixed all together, she is perfect - whole grains, protein (from the yogurt) and fruit. Oh, and the taste and texture sort of reminds me of tapioca pudding. Can you say love?
I had this concoction for breakfast yesterday on a whim. I had yogurt that was nearing expiration, some oats that had to be eaten and too many apricots. I was also running behind and didn't feel like reheating the oats with almond milk or trying to cook down the apricots. It was a great breakfast on the go.

And that's all I did yesterday is go. Go, go, go. I barely had time to eat lunch, much less go to Greekfest for a gyro as planned. It was another trip to the hospital cafeteria for me.

The build-it-yourself bar of the day was baked potatoes with all the fixins. I had one sprinkled with cheese and a good helping of broccoli. The salad bar was also looking a little better this week and I helped myself to up the veggie quotient. A cup of chicken soup rounded out the meal.

Throughout the afternoon, I snacked on an apple, string cheese and some cut veggies (half of which I accidentally threw on the floor).

Even with all of the snacking, I was ravenous by the time dinner came around. I threw together some Pasta Mama - whole wheat pasta, red bell pepper, eggs/egg whites and basil. The eggs are scrambled, sort of, in the same pan with the spaghetti so that egg coats the strands. AH-mazing.

(Sorry there's no photo. I couldn't take the time to snap one before I dug in!)

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