Monday, June 21, 2010

Meal of steel

Growing up in Cincinnati, there was one use, and one use only, for steel-cut oats: Goetta. You didn't make focaccia. You didn't use it in a cake. And you certainly, absolutely, did not eat them for breakfast as CEREAL.

But, today, I broke that tradition. I ate myself a bowl of steel-cut oats with cinnamon, apricots and a drizzle of honey.

I opted to soak the oats overnight so that I only had to spend 10 minutes cooking them this morning. The oats definitely have a different texture than the rolled oats I'm used but I liked them. I also found them to be far more filling than a traditional bowl. I think I need to do some poking around to find some variations but this will definitely be a new favorite.

Not a new favorite? The lunch spot Mark and I tried today.

I should have taken the downpour that started just as I was leaving as a sign that lunch would be no good. The second sign should have been the spelling error on the menu. But, darn it, I had a Groupon!

The menu was somewhat limited - your basic sandwiches, salads and soups du jour - and even more limited as it is Meatless Monday. I could have a veggie sandwich (which had cream cheese) or tuna. I went with tuna and a cup of vegetable soup. While I'm sure tuna is a stretch on MM, I'm fairly certain my cup of vegetable soup failed the test. I couldn't find any beef chunks but the broth looked a little too rich to be a vegetarian vegetable soup. The sandwich and soup were your average. My husband even said that he could have made it - which is saying a lot.

The quality of the meal was matched by the cashier/order taker yelling at her kids and telling someone (a worker) to get out of the way. When a shady looking guy asked to bum a smoke off my husband, I knew it was time to leave. We braved the "rivers" flowing alongside the curbs and stopped to grab a coffee (for me) and a cookie (for Mark).

Tonight we're headed to the baseball stadium for some home run derby action. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

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