Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Days ...

... are made for:

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Pinning on a bib. I ran the 3RRC 15K on Saturday and used it as part long run, part tempo run. Finish time was 1:24:30, earning me first place in my age group.

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Playing in the water. I found a slip and slide for $6 at Kroger, and it was the best money I've spent all summer. Both boys found ways to enjoy it, keeping them happy all afternoon.

 photo 20160807_113549_zpsve2lzw8p.jpg

Bike rides to the park. I think this was our first time hooking up the Burley to tow both boys but was it fun (and challenging). Si wavered between excited and confused, and Miles was chill as usual.

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Picnics. Turkey and mozzarella on baguette for the guys, and a lettuce wrap for me. I made an herb-garlic mayo with some of the basil leftover from last week's farmers market haul, and it was so good. Mark even liked it, and he hates mayonnaise. I also splurged on Boulder Canyon chips, which are technically Whole30 friendly but on the edge. Twenty-seven days in, I can live on the edge.

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Grilling. Three pounds of chicken thighs on the grates as part of my Sunday meal prep. So good.

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Afternoon naps. 'nough said.

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