Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Carmel Marathon Training {Week 10}

"Why does this feel so hard?" I gasped.

We were about 13, 13.5 miles into our 15-mile run and headed directly into the wind.  Though our pace had remained steady, I felt like we had slowed by 30 seconds a mile – or more. My legs were tired

"Because it is hard," Joe said.

And hard it is. Running. Long distances. Running long distances after a long tempo the day before. Running long distances into the wind after a long tempo the day before. Mentally, it's tough to feel committed and confident to do a long run into the wind after a long tempo the day before.

This point in training is hard, too. I'm 10 weeks into a 15-week plan. I'm running a lot of quality miles and the race is close enough to second-guess goals but not close enough to get excited.

But I keep telling myself that there are training plans that are nice and training plans that make you better. This plan – no matter how much I curse it and its overachieving long runs and lengthy tempos – will make me better.

It is making me better.

I just need to do my part, find a way to make me better, because if I learned anything this week, it is that I need to bring my mental game to the table and not worry about what I've done or what I have to do.

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Highlight: A solid pace during my hilly run. I had taught a challenging circuit class on Monday, and my legs were smartin'. I thought that I'd be slow, for sure, but it was at what could be goal pace ... or faster than goal pace ... or maybe just a smidge slower ;)

Lowlight: The struggle of the long run. It's hard to feel so challenged and then think about running 30 seconds to a minute per mile faster on race day. Actually, I was supposed to run that race pace (for 6 of the 15) on Saturday but I didn't even entertain the idea since I was with the group.

And that was weird ... I usually carry my phone with me during morning runs but don't always use it to listen to music. So, I guess it's for safety? Anyway, I had it with me on Tuesday for my hill run at a local cemetery. I used it once to grab pictures of the fog but otherwise just held it. About 45 minutes in, my Garmin alerts me to a text message from my co-worker.  "WTH," it read. I check the conversation and my phone had sent four pages of gibberish texts to him and another gal. I should say near gibberish because there were just random words. I have no idea how this happened but I think it an odd coincidence that I was in a cemetery.

The week, in running

Tuesday: 6 hilly miles
Thursday: 5 miles, early with my BRF
Friday: 6 miles, with 4 at tempo
Saturday: 15 miles

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  1. How nuts that your phone did that!

    Trust the training :) It's supposed to be hard, like you said. And it sounds like you'll be well under 2:00 ;)