Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Carmel Half Marathon Training: Week 2

I am training for the Carmel Half Marathon, which will take place April 16 in Carmel, Indiana.


That was the word I wrote underneath "This Week's Focus" in my Believe Journal. I just wanted to make it through and come out the other side mostly unscathed.

While most weeks can be crazy – kids, husband, job, kids – last week was going to be especially so. An instructor at the Y was sick, and I was asked to fill in for two Silver Sneakers classes. And that was after I had already agreed to sub a different class for a different instructor who had a work obligation. On top of my regular class load. Seven classes in four days – that would be the marathon week of teaching.

Oh, and then there's that whole training for a half marathon thing.

Had it been any other time, one when I wasn't actively training for a goal race, I might have said, "Screw running" and given myself a break. I would have taught my classes, put my energy into getting in the most out of those workouts and reminded myself that a week off wouldn't tank my fitness. However, albeit early in the plan, I am training and I wanted to build a strong base from which to work.

I would need to stick to the schedule.

I would need to get up early twice midweek to get in runs as the Silver Sneakers class cut into my golden hour of mid-morning, pre-work run time.

I would need to run twice on the weekend so that I could have one work morning to, you know, breathe.

I would need to put my head down and take it a day at a time. One run at a time.

 photo 20160124_152359_zpsa1vxqktv.jpg
Mid-long run at the park.

And that's just what I did.

Highlight: Nailing my tempo run. Tempos are by far the scariest for me but as I was indoors, I was able to control my pace (I shoot for 10K pace) and finish feeling like I had more. It did help that my BRF was next to me and had volunteered to do my workout, too. You know, for solidarity sake.

Lowlight: I allowed myself to rely far too much on the treadmill. The one morning, it was too cold and windy. Another, I had already made plans with BRF Tami to meet at the Y thinking it might be too cold and windy. The final indoor run was inevitable as I was in Cincinnati and needed to use the child care.

My week, in running:

Tuesday: 5 miles, intervals
Thursday: 5 miles as 1.5-mile warmup; 2 x 1 mile at tempo pace w/0.25-mile recovery; cooldown
Saturday: 5.25 miles, easyish with strong finish
Sunday: 8 miles, long

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  1. 7 classes in a week! You go girl!

    And nothing wrong with using the treadmill. Do what you need to!

    I love that your BRF "joined" you for the tempo! :)

    And WTG sticking with your schedule. I've had to do that this week while commuting extra days, and will have to next week and the week after and it's hard... but I feel better getting my runs in :) Even if it means starting them WAY early.