Monday, August 24, 2015

Catch Up

I have become a bag lady.

Bags. So many bags. Pump bag, pump parts bag, lunch bag, gym bag, purse. And, lately I've added a craft bag. All of them, every day – Monday through Friday.

If you've wondered where I've been (although I consider such a statement to be a) unlikely and b) narcissistic), I have been packing bags. At night. Before I go to sleep for 45 minutes since someone has decided to be a champion in the 4-month sleep regression category.

 photo IMG_20150815_172152_zpsrrozfqj9.jpg

God makes babies cute so you don't cry at 10:45 p.m., 1 a.m., 3:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. OK, maybe I am crying some times but I'm not alone.

The pressing need to pack these bags at night isn't just to keep from forgetting stuff – like the day I only brought Medela lids and the one a week later when I only brought the bottles. It's more that my precious morning time, the couple hours I was forever grateful for, are gone.


 photo IMG_20150817_141630_zpsxgalhwhr.jpg

This one started school. He's officially in Pre-K at a parochial school that serves the 4-year-old set through eighth-graders. It's ridiculous and nearly impossible that I'm sending him off every morning in his oxford shirt, khakis and Olaf backpack.

He is dropped off at 8:15 a.m., and then Si heads to daycare. Some days, I go straight to the YMCA to teach boot camp or boxing. Other days, I have the luxury of running in the cool weather that has been gifted by Mother Nature.

 photo 10382640_592264687581585_1626313596324263587_n_zpsuxedet4m.jpg

Tuesday has officially become Run the Cemetery Hill Day.

In all the chaos, and it's only chaos until we hit the groove, I'm doing my best to treat my body well and treat my mind with grace. I'm packing my lunch more, putting more dinners in the slow cooker and focusing on good ingredients that are good on their own.

 photo 20150822_181337_zps5pgb80eu.jpg

Fresh sockeye salmon served with a homemade herbed butter and garlic spinach with feta.

I'm having good chats with my pal Rachel at Healthy Alternatives to get this post-baby body in check, and my twitter BFF and I have taken on a sugar detox.

It's always smart to start these things when life is crazy. Seriously. Because the more out of control everything else seems, I know that are things that I do have power over.

We're starting week 2, though, and I have a feeling we'll hit our stride soon.

Till then ...


  1. Oh my gosh I totally carry all the bags as well! Going in to work there's the pump, the cooler to put the pumped milk in, the lunch bag, and the Apera bag to carry even more food and multiple water bottles in. It's ridiculous! Please tell me that when they get older the bags start to fade away??

  2. you are such a rockstar mama! i will say that once the breastfeeding/pumping ends, you will feel like you got back SO MUCH TIME. you don't realize how much time all that takes, esp when you have another "big" kid running around "needing" you all.the.time. I swear tho, you do an amazing job with everything! your workouts are rockstar!! also, M looks just adorable in that back to school pic ;)