Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thoughts {A Three Things Thursday post}

1. I taught my last class of pregnancy on Wednesday. Barbell – my favorite. And, to make sure we went out with a bang, I picked some of the hardest tracks. There was a squat/lunge track that had lots of pulsing lunges. We did a chest workout with uneven push-ups using plates. And there were the little tweaks I made to abs with dipping planks.

The best part on the planks? I got to watch.

Turnout can be hit or miss on Wednesdays but it was a hit this week. As a farewell for now, it was quite satisfying to get a good group of people to drip with sweat – and keep up with them at 39 weeks.

2. That said, I haven't worked out beyond teaching my classes. I've been torn on getting making the most of my last days and relaxing before chaos becomes me. Mother nature decided for me, though, as we've had rain all week. Seriously. I had walking shoes packed for today but it went from drizzle to light rain to storms between getting Miles in the car seat to go to daycare and giving him a hug goodbye. So, I went to Walgreen's and bought some hair ties.

A note on hair ties: Where do they go? Now that my hair is long enough to pull up, I can never find a hair tie. The ones I do manage to put in the proper spot seem to get stretched out within five uses. I need to take out stock in scuni, I swear.

3. Even though I managed a run a few weeks ago, I haven't felt the itch to head out since. Those 3 sweaty miles on the treadmill were what I needed. It was like the perfect three bites of a rich dessert after a good meal. You box the rest it up and take it home for later.

And, let me tell you: I can't wait to dive into that piece – in 4 to 6 weeks.

 photo ready to run_zpszsfd7cys.jpg

I may or may not have gone a bit of a shopping binge this week just to make sure I'm ready.

From the ACTIVE GearUp shop, I nabbed a last season Oiselle tank. (Disclosure: I did receive a credit to the shop through my relationship with to use at my discretion.) A new tank meant that I had to have matching socks and, you know, the Pro Compression socks of the month (note the plural) bot have orange. I was going to go with the Aqua Swirl and be good ... but ... yeah. I saw the Orange Boom in the side panel. I tried to decide and I couldn't.

So I got both.

Had I been smart, I might have placed the order earlier so I could put them in my hospital bag. The Pro socks are 1 million times cuter than the ones the hospital will give me post-C-section and though I have some with my things, there's nothing like a new pair.

Note: You can use the code BOLD to save 40 percent on the socks of the month and Pro Compression's Boston sock.

And while I'm on the ambassador train, Nuun has free shipping through Sunday. What better reason to stock up?

Share some random thoughts. Please. I'll appreciate them when I'm bored and nursing.

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  1. You finished with a bang on all fronts!! And good choice on the socks. In ever in doubt get both!