Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To these, I confess

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This morning, I nearly had an accident on my run. Of the No. 2 variety.

(How's that for a blog lead?)

I was grateful that Tami let me rest a minute at a street crossing to let the muscles relax so we could make it the half mile to the cars. She assured me, though, that what happens on the trail stays on the trail and if I needed to duck away, I could.

Sing it with me: That's what best running friends are for ...

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I've been feeling like a fail of a mom lately. There's a lot going on, and I just feel distracted. It's easy to let Miles play on his own or with the kids next door so I can do other things.

This morning, though, was good. I took Miles outside and played baseball with him. I tossed a few pitches before he opted for the tee. It was more fun for him this way, and a lot more work for me. He can hit that ball far!

Afterward, we headed back to the kitchen to make some applesauce. I still had a ton of apples from our trip to the orchard, and I wanted to get to them. Miles loves using the Pampered Chef peeler/corer/slicer that my mom gave me years ago. And I love that he is in the kitchen with me, having fun and learning something.

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Note to anyone who eats the applesauce: Mile not only loves helping with the processing but the eating. He will grab a slice of apple, take a bite and throw it back in to the slow cooker. Repeat times 100. But, hey, he's eating apples!

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I've gotten over some of my hang-ups with posting less-than-flattering race photos. Extra skin flailing? It goes up. Bad form? Meh. Wings flapping? That's fine. Nonetheless, I sometimes feel like I want to put an explanation/disclaimer that my legs look bad .... or I have bat wings ... or a bulge because of extra skin from weight loss, not because I'm not taking care of myself. It seems so silly because most people know my story and I am the one who notices it - not others. Or at least not a lot of others.

Even though I'm open about plans for a tummy tuck in the future, I know I won't do the legs or arms. So I either need to shut up about it or wear capris!

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My Starbucks addiction is getting bad. Blame the pregnancy. I have one cup of coffee at home but stick to decaf the rest of the day. The work coffeemakers are stocked with regular so I could either bring my own decaf ... or go to Starbucks for decaf. It doesn't help that there's some star promotion for gold card members that encourages you to go every day for seven days starting today.

It is better than getting hyped up for the McDonald's Monopoly game, which started recently. The old me would get a bit ridiculous each time the promotion began, and I probably ate 3,000 Quarter Pounders and gained 100 pounds because of it.

What are your confessions?


  1. Story time. Confession #1, I have terrible spider veins on my thighs. I hate them. I've had them since I was a teen and spent MANY MANY years wearing long shorts to cover them up. When I became a runner I started with only Capri's. Eventually I moved to skirts and *gasp* SHORTS. Short (for me) shorts. I got to the point that I just didn't give a crap about them anymore. I think they bothered me way more than anyone ever noticed. But about a year ago I went to a MAC event at Nordstom. I was sat in the make up chair, post run (stinky short shorts). Dude was working away on my face and one of his "helpers" asked me whether the veins hurt? Then asked if he could show me something to "cover them up". I let him do his thing, because it was just me being nice. But really the whole time I'm thinking, if they don't bother me then why do you feel the need to cover them up. And c'mon man, seriously? When I'm running my legs SWEAT. Do I really want cover up make up running down my legs and *gasp* staining my ProCompression socks?? So yeah. I have veiny legs. Used to really bother me. Not so much anymore.

    Confession #2 - Being a runner who took up commuting to work on a bike this summer several days a week. I have become really aware of the courtesies that go back and forth between athletes. I ALWAYS call out "left" when passing a runner or walker. It's out of courtesy to them, so I don't scare the crap out of them when I pass at high speed. Because as a runner that happens to me all the time. But I have found that people look annoyed at me sometimes like my intent is to tell them to get out of my way. And then there are the runners who's music is SO loud that they can't even hear me. Drives me crazy. All of it. I guess that wasn't really a confession .. eh.

  2. Confession 1: I've gone back to wearing capris. Some of it is feeling self conscious about my legs but also because I'm sick of slathering on some type of body glide only to end up chafing anyway. Because 16 or 18 or 20 miles.

    Confession 2: I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick. Headache, tired, cough, crap running down my throat all day sick. I haven't told my friend/coach, who changed up my speedwork for today because I needed something harder. I don't want to set myself up to fail but I also can't bring myself to tell him I'm sick 2 1/2 weeks before my marathon. I'm still going to go for it but it probably won't be pretty. Think good thoughts for me in about an hour or so.

  3. Confession #1: I went into the trees multiple times during training this time around. My gut has been all jacked up since Anderson. Cutting out booze and caffeine helps, but not always.

    Confession #2: I also hate most photos of myself running. Bat wings, etc. We're our own harshest critic.

    Confession #3: I'm sick and freaking the F out about the marathon in 4 days.

  4. Pregnancy confession...I once had an attack of the same variety in the Target parking lot...and didn't make it home.

    It happens! :-)

  5. #1: I ran a way faster run this morning than I was supposed to. It was supposed to be an easy/mod with some 1 minute pick-ups--->it was more like a tempo run! but felt good!
    #2: I am eating an ice cream sandwich as we speak! Tomorrow will be 30 days until NYCM so I will be off treats until then!