Thursday, October 9, 2014

Packing for an Overnight Relay: Bourbon Chase Supplies

I put gas in the Mazda. I requested three big hugs and two kisses from Miles before leaving daycare. I have a stack of maps printed (never trust the GPS).

It seems I am ready to head to the Bluegrass State to take on the Bourbon Chase, an overnight relay that takes runners through some of the finest distilleries between Louisville and Lexington.

And though I'm packing for one, my hatchback is full with supplies for this 30-hour adventure.

 photo CE9552AC-2671-4E11-9825-0ACAED9423A2_zpsj7gydryp.jpg


Clothing: Faster teams might opt not to change but I sweat - a lot - and I don't want to sit in the van with stinky, wet clothes. I'll have three sets, each in its own bag. Since this year's race theme is disco, I'm packing two Team Sparkle skirts. I also will have my Flyer jacket and in between running clothes.

Shoes: Two pairs. I rotate shoes between runs and with three runs in such a short time, I want a fresh pair for my longest leg of 8 miles. Also some in between running shoes.

 photo 274cebf4-fdc9-4c7f-bf83-6fea87f58f8d_zps892041b6.jpg

Compression: It's your friend. Cramped up in a van and running a lot means that my muscles will need to recover as best they can between legs. I planned my outfits around my Pro Compression socks, and the company graciously outfitted the team with black and red socks to fit our pirate name.

Reflective gear: Each van needs to have at least one set of gear that includes headlamp, blinking lights and a vest. My captain, wisely, suggested we have at least two sets so I'm bringing what I have. Eve if we have an overabundance, it will be nice to sweat on my own stuff.


If I learned anything at Hood to Coast, it's that a relay isn't a relay without the right goodies - Red Vines, peanut butter-filled pretzels, trail mix. I signed on to be one of the ones bringing snacks, and my bag has Red Vines, granola bars, pretzels, pumpkin banana muffins, peanut butter and jelly and Combos.

 photo bd60b163-b6ba-4170-bcd3-35608ca9b009_zpsd784766b.jpg

Also, thanks to the generosity of Nuun, our team is hooked up. We'll have an ample supply of flavors - active and Nuun Energy - as well as a bottle to drink from. Hydration is key in this type of event, and I'm glad we're well taken care of.


Mother Nature is not expected to be kind to us on this journey and thus we are preparing to get wet and wild. Towels for drying off and newspaper to stuff inside shoes.

Other items include:

  • Shower Pill athletic wipes. No showers, probably, for nearly two days times seven people equals a lot of funk. These wipes are awesome and should help us stay as fresh and as clean as we can.
  • USB car adapter, iPhone and iPhone charger, Garmin and Garmin charger
  • Tiger Tail. Recovery. Do it. It can also be used as a prop while cheering on runners, if I am accurately remembering Hood to Coast.
  • Sleeping bag. I am not sure how I'll use it - on the floor, as a blanket, as a pillow - but I want it.
  • NAAWK sunscreen. I can hope that I need this.


A cowbell, obviously. How else would my teammates notice me cheering on the side of the road? It will also work if a runner falls asleep and refuses to stir.

Oh, and myself.

What items are essential for you relay vets out there?

Disclosure: My team was provided free socks and Nuun but we were not supported financially in the race nor was I compensated for this post. I also was not required to write this post - only to share the love and love Pro Compression and Nuun I do.

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  1. So excited for you!!! Relays are the best. I'm seriously considering my Team Screaming Thunderboxes shirt for my marathon so I can bring my friends "with" me.