Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 9/8-9/14

Last week, I was down. This week ... I was up.

I was a bit nervous about what running would feel like after taking time off and doing just easy runs when I was sick the previous week. I was a bit stiff at first but thankfully, my legs remembered how to move.

The good: Tami pushed the pace on our Tuesday run, and I had to hang on. It was tough. When I clicked stop on the Garmin, though, I was so grateful that she had. It was a good confidence boost going into the week.

The better: Cooler temperatures! Fall arrived this week, and it made running that much better. I really appreciate and enjoy this time of year. The only downside are the falling acorns and walnuts can cause some footing (and ankle twisting issues) if you aren't paying attention.

The best: Back on the bike! I was feeling guilty that I haven't been on my bike enough to justify buying it so I made up for it with two rides.

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The week, in training:

Monday, Sept. 8
CYCLE | 9.8 miles
Time: 45:30     Pace: 12.9 mph
We had a system shutdown at work so I brought my bike and rode for part of it. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and it felt nice to be on the bike.

Tuesday, Sept. 9
RUN | 6 miles
Time: 54:24     Pace: 9:04

Wednesday, Sept. 10
CYCLE | 8.5 miles
Time: 41:00     Pace: 12.4 mph

Thursday, Sept. 11
RUN | 8.5 miles
Time: 1:16:29     Pace: 8:59
Workout: 8 x 1000m at 10K pace (8:20) with 200m recovery

While this wasn't the smoothest of interval outings, I got it done. Dropped my key during the first, and I had an untied shoe in the third. For the fifth, I had an obnoxious head wind that stopped me in my tracks ... but I failed to stop the Garmin. Le sigh. I ended up trying to switch directions to avoid running into the wind.  Interval paces: 7:54, 7:53, 7:48, 8:07, 8:28 (forgot to stop Garmin), 8:08, 8:12, 8:06

CROSS TRAIN | Boot camp

Friday, Sept. 12

Saturday, Sept. 13
RUN | 10 miles
Time: 1:33:43     Pace: 9:22

Sunday, Sept. 14
RUN | JP Jones 10K + 1.5-mile WU
Time: 53:08     Pace: 8:34
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