Thursday, September 25, 2014

Race Day Quandaries {A Three Things Thursday Post}

T-minus two days. Actually less than that. It's more like 41 hours.

Forty-one hours till the big race.

And though I have some things figured out, I am facing a few dilemmas.

 photo 9C47B82E-E0A9-42B7-96F2-81F660325687_zpscdm4krra.jpg

1. For the race, I'm wearing an orange tank, Oiselle Flyte shorts and a pair of ProCompression socks. I just wish I could decide which socks to wear. I had planned, a long time ago, to wear the splash in royal blue ... but that was before I picked out my shirt. Ridiculous. Yes, I know. I could still wear he splash or go with an orange pair. Hi! Race photogs! Look. At. Me. I could also go with a pair of Nuun dotted sock and just be all repped out.

Note: I could just wear some low trainers and not worry about coordinating, too.

 photo 330AE0F0-767E-44B1-B73B-6573D2DCBA42_zpsma2ncicv.jpg

2. A concern with a bit more substance: Hydration. I've been training with my Nathan Sports Intensity vest and have loved it. As I'm going for time, though, the extra weight could affect me. Walking through water stops could be just as detrimental, though. Other options include a small handheld or wearing my speed belt with two bottles. The bonus with the belt (and vest) is I could have my phone with me. With the handleld, I could toss it in my in-law's yard around mile 11 if I'm tired of it.

3. "I'm going to be your annoying little shadow," Mark told me one night this week in the kitchen. While I had anticipated I'd get annoyed with him during his 13.1-mile pacing effort, I didn't think he'd be my shadow. I thought he'd be next to me, matching me stride for stride. He thinks it will be more motivation for him to be behind me. And he could be right, depending on that whole annoying thing.

Note: I do love my husband. Sometimes, I even like him. However, I know myself and I know I can get grumpy at the end of the race. Being that I love Mark, I know it will be easy to blame him, call him annoying and take it out on him.

It's my day, and it is about me - he's made it clear - so I'm wondering whether to be specific about how he runs with me.

Help! I'd love any insight.


  1. Hmmm. I'm not sure I have any advice for you other than to go out there and kick some ass.

    I always bring my own water (or Nuun or whatever) in a fuel belt because I usually want a drink when I'm not near and aid station and then I don't have to slow down to drink at every one. Not that I'm lightning McBari by any stretch, but if you are really going for time, I'd carry a belt.

    I can't stand running with my husband, so may the force be with you on that subject.

    1. I think we should call you Lightning McBari. FOREVER.

  2. Race like you train! That advice REALLY helped me in Toledo. I wore the same stuff I always wore - same apparel, same hydration. I don't see you train in your tall socks often, so I'd go with low. And of course I think you should go with the hydration pack - embrace it! You'll thank me when you're between water stops feeling thirsty, and you can sip as you please - without stopping. :)

    1. Wise, you are!

      Now that you say it, I'm trying to think if I've done a longer race/run lately in the socks. Thinking is hard.

  3. Hmm .. I run with my husband often in training, but he falls behind during races. And let's be honest, I like that I'm faster and I'm also 5 years OLDER. Alas, when we run long runs together I like him by my side but I don't want him talking to me. haha. So maybe that's the answer. Although my brother once ran with me for a brutal half marathon, he actually pulled ahead and would turn backwards and tell me to pick the pace up. Pissed me off at the time but it got me to the PR I was going for. I'm not sure about the whole behind thing. So clearly thinking out loud here I would say at your side.

    As far as hydration goes my recommendation would be to go with what you've been training with. I detest water stops for the half marathon distance. I just want to blow through them. So if it were me I'd go with the vest.

    1. I love this comment so much. I will not be happy if he turns around and tells me to pick up the pace. But yay for your PR!

  4. What socks do you usually wear while you train? I would go with those!
    I would go with the vest!! I think it is better you will be happier!
    Ohh I don't know what to do about Mark?!! Maybe just be happy he is with you? :)

  5. I would definitely wear the running pack. I did last time I ran the Fort4Fitness half and I plan to again this year. I don't have any advice on the socks though. I'm having my own struggles trying to decide what to wear on Saturday. I never wear a shirt if it's above 60 because I get way too hot. But the beginning of the race will be cold and the end will be hot. So do I wear a shirt and suffer through the end? Or do I wear a just a bra and freeze at the beginning? Or maybe a bra and my arm warmers which would look ridiculous... Yeah. Craziness. I think your orange tank is really cute though!

  6. 1) Oh dear what a quandary. I am excessively vain when it comes to race day and often have the same problem when putting together an outfit. My first instinct is to tell you to go with the contrasting socks (blue/green/white) because the orange pair are close but not close enough to match the tank... but then again, the black goes well with the shorts and will give you a good color block on the lower half.

    Soooo I guess I vote for... black with blue dots?

    2) This one is easier. I vote for just use water stops, only because it is my preference to not have any additional weight or STUFF on my body on race day. For a cool weather half, I probably wouldn't even stop at all, because I'm reckless like that. Whatever extra thing I carry or wear always ends up annoying me, so I have started to not even wear a race bib belt and actually PIN my bib to my Lulu tops (this is insanity in my world). But if you've been running with the vest, go ahead and do it.

    3) No good advice on this one other than run your own race at your own pace!

  7. Race day is the best day. Have FUN! You have trained for this moment. You know every hill and turn. My favorite race day antic is to pick the next person you plan on passing AND to smile the entire time, give hi-fives, be that person who people think, "Who has fun running 13.1 miles?!" Your body KNOWS how to run fast. Don't bog it down with the pressure...have fun and let your training do the rest. You've got this!!

  8. If you wear the socks just for fashion and don't care about the compression aspect, I'd say ditch em if they clash with your top. I'd go handheld, but that's me. I like the whipping it in the yard part. Good luck and have fun!