Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What's Really In The Fridge {Confession}

I opened up my fridge this morning, and I thought one thing: What the hell is going on there?

 photo 1074040B-E14B-46E1-9260-458280D1C0A5_zpskak5c0it.jpg

Often times, you'll see these pristine fridges that are spotlessly clean and perfectly organized. That refrigerator, it is not mine. The current state of our appliance is a product of a weekend at the lake, a hurried shopping trip and no time spent cleaning out. While it's not the norm, the opposite end isn't either.

So I thought I would show it to you, in all its glory, and tell you what's really in my fridge.

 photo b0028b7e-1f74-4892-993d-1244892bf5b6_zps81b27c3d.jpg

1. Random, processed condiments. Kraft salad dressing, Kroger brand soy sauce and some dill pickles. There's also some pickled jalapenos, which are my current obsession. 

2. Potato soup that had been in the freezer but has now thawed. It's been that way for some time, and I need to throw it out.

3. Two percent milk.

4. About 37 kinds of jelly/jam, none of which I use on a regular basis. I feel like every one should have jam so I have it but I never use it.

5. Eggs. Lots of them. 

6. Leftovers from a lunch this weekend. We'll never eat them.

7. Leftover marinara sauce that, like the soup, needs to be thrown out.

8. All. The. Cheese. Sliced cheese, string cheese, shredded cheese, block cheese, grated parmesan cheese.

9. Strawberry Zevia, my new favorite.

10. Kale. Lots of kale. I should really plant some more now that fall is coming. I like it with my eggs and my cheese.

Other random items in there: cottage cheese, orange juice, juice boxes, syrup and sauerkraut. Because that all goes together.

What's in your fridge?

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  1. 1. As many vegetables as will fit. They all get eaten every week unless I go especially berserk at the farmers' market.
    2. Five dozen eggs. Also all eaten, every week. (Sometimes more!)
    3. At least three kinds of meat.
    4. If I have my act together, a batch of tuna salad and a bag of washed salad greens for packing lunch.
    5. Half a can of coconut milk (gets thrown into curries), half a lemon (will use to make mayo), half a head of garlic (slow-cooker meals), a desiccated piece of ginger (no plans), half an ancient can of anchovies (why?).

    In my freezer: Chocolate chips. I like them cold.