Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 7/28-8/3

Notes from the week

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  • This training plan is getting R-E-A-L. Crazy real. I had a 14 x 400 workout on the plan, which also had a 2-mile warm-up and 1-mile cool down tacked on. If my math is right (and it's probably not), the workout would have been 8+ miles. I get the point of it. I do. But I don't know who, at my pace, with my schedule, has time for that. I'm cutting warm-ups and cool downs to make it work the best I can.
  • Running with friends is the best. Running with all sorts of friends is even better. I didn't have to go out by myself once this week, and I will be forever spoiled. The house across the street from me is for sale, and I am trying to convince folks to purchase it as a timeshare, which would allow all of my running friends to be nearby.
  • I have sort of forgotten that I am training for a triathlon. I did not get in the water once last week nor the week before. Biking has been marginally better but because of the most stressful week of work in my entire career, I did not get away for any spin classes. The Go Girl Triathlon is in less than three weeks, and it is time to get my rear in gear.
  • Tami and I did our long run on Friday, and it was 190 percent awesome having it complete before the weekend. Sure, it made for some tired legs on Saturday but I loved the freedom on Sunday.
  • My weight training has been a little different coming back from vacation, and I really want to get myself on my own lifting plan rather than relying on my classes for a resistance workout.

The week, in training:

Monday, July 28
CROSS TRAIN | Boot camp
The workout was based off 30-second segments, working up to 4-minute intervals. There were eight exercises total, each done for 30 seconds ... at a time. Programming genius that I am, there were 3 minutes of pushups.

Tuesday, July 29
RUN | 5.7 miles
Time: 53:54     Pace: 9:27
Early a.m. run with my BRF. And it was GLORIOUS. The cool temps + reserved pace made for a great run. I had some strides on the plan so she obliged me and we did 4 x 20 seconds.

Wednesday, July 30
RUN | 5.75 miles
Time: 50:57     Pace: 8:51
Plan: 2-mile WU; 14 x 400 at 3K pace w/2-minute recovery; 1-mile CD.
 Going into this, I knew I wouldn't have time to do whole workout. I compromised with 1-mile WU and 12 intervals.

Thursday, July 31
I don't have anything marked for this day but I don't remember taking two rest days. Whatevs.

Friday, Aug. 1
RUN | 10.01 miles
Time: 1:34:50     Pace: 9:28
Workout: 2-mile WU; 4 x 1 mile @ 10K pace; 1-mile CD
Goal pace for the repeats was 8:20 but thanks to the awesome support of my husband, we were able to nail it - with negative splits. 8:13, 8:11, 8:08, 8:00. It was definitely tough at the end and I sort of wanted to die but I really showed up. The weather didn't hurt either thanks to the second coming of the polar vortex.

Saturday, Aug. 2
RUN | New Haven 10K
Recap here.

RUN | 3.84 miles
Time: 39:00     Pace: 10:09
Pushing a stroller in the heat - not so fun. Running with a friend - the BEST.

Sunday, Aug. 3


  1. Good luck getting the strength in outside of class! I spend so much time at the studio teaching and training that I ... I guess prefer to do it during class to save time. Awful, I know ;)

    1. I am super proud. I did 45 minutes on the bike today and then four supersets focusing on upper body. I am tweaking my schedule so I can be more balanced, which means I'm losing that built-in workout. GAH! I should just find a rich benefactor so I can open a gym and workout whenevs.

    2. Yay! Go go girl! What moves did you do for your supersets?!

    3. I kept it simple - shoulder presses and bicep curls, chest press on ball and head bangers on ball, bentover rows and hammer curls, pushups and planks. It's not as balanced as I should go but I like doing biceps and shoulders. A lot.

    4. Nah, I think it's good! Did you read that interesting ACE article about the concentration curl being the most effective curl at targeting the bicep muscle?

  2. 14 x 400? WHO DOES THAT??? Pretty sure I would quit after 8. <-- probably why my coach/friend gets mad at me, and why I did not PR a half this year. Meh.

    1. Crazy people do 14 x 400. Crazier people think up that shit. I thought it was a bit overkill, if you ask me. I have 16 x 400 coming up in a few weeks. I might hurt someone.

  3. Great job this week! I know what you mean, running with friends is the best!! :0)