Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day: Beyond reason

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I am a runner, and National Running Day is my holiday.

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It is your holiday, too. And yours, and yours and yours.

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National Running Day isn't just a day where we celebrate what we, as individuals, do and why we do it but a celebration of the community and camaraderie that has brought us all to this place. A place where pace, ability and motivation aren't important. The place, the starting line, matters only in a shared passion for sport, health and challenge.

On this day, many like to share why they run - giving an overarching, grand reason that digs from the sole to the soul. The reasons are good, great even, but I often find it hard to articulate what brings me to lace up my shoes each day. Today, at 8:05 a.m., I might have said "I run ... because World War III is about to be ignited over sneakers vs. sandals." My mother runners out there are sure to understand. Other days, according to my Twitter feed, the reason might be more superficial - to take in copious amounts of Salted Caramel Gu with good reason

The real answer, one that seems to fall short in my mind, is I run ... because I do. I run because this is the path I chose for myself.

I run ... because there's no way on God's green Earth that I'm doing Zumba regularly.

And so, this morning, I laced up my new Saucony Fastwitch, dropped off a frustrated Miles at daycare ("I requested sandals!") and hit the trail for a workout that made my knees shake before pressing start on my Garmin. I didn't think of much during those 6 miles beyond what paces I needed to hit and how I was breathing.

I ran smart, I ran strong and I ran with my heart. Because it is what I do.

◊ ◊ ◊

Time to celebrate!

Competitor Group discounts. Like the Rock 'n' Roll race series? Today is the day to register. The group is offering:
  • $20 off domestic Rock ‘n’ Roll full, half, relay & bike 
  • $5 off 5k, 10k, Mini o €5 off Int’l RNR 
  • $5 off Carlsbad 5000 
  • $20 off Women’s Running Series 
  • $20 off TriRock (excluding Nations)

 Gear check. While not specifically for race day, Pro Compression is having a pretty rad sale - 50 percent off your order when you purchase two or more items. Y'all know I'm a fan (it's why I'm an ambassador), and I'm loving the low trainer socks for summer running. They hug my feet without making me sweat. Use the code JUNE to order.

Stay hydrated. Nuun is having a photo contest on its Facebook page. Snap a photo of you in action on a run today and post it in the comments section of the post to enter to win a runner's hydration pack (2 tubes and a bottle). You can also save 20 percent on your order using code NATIONALRUNNINGDAY.

Locked and loaded. I'm a big fan of Lock Laces - and not just for running, either. I've used them for Miles' sneakers because that kid will untie those sneakers he doesn't want to wear and chuck them at you. Use code RUNDAY to save 40 percent on a build-your-own three pack and the reflective three-pack (good for those 5:15 a.m. run dates).


  1. I am just starting out at running and it is the little bit of time in the day that I don't have to worry about deadlines or a to do list. I have a love/hate relationship with it currently!!

  2. Lock laces on a toddler... I'll have to tell some of other my runner friends about that since they've got kids turning 2 and 3 this summer.

  3. you know - i always find it hard to respond to the question of why i run. I just do. It feels like I always have (17 years). It's been part of who I am for so long, through so many changes in my life, that I don't feel like I need a reason. This year I said I run "for a pocket of peace" which has been the overarching goal for me these past months. I like the way it sounds and it feels pretty accurate. And yeah - i'd have to agree re: your zumba comment ;)

  4. I'm with you on that whole Zumba thing

  5. I missed this post when you initially posted it and it is absolutely beautiful. Love every bit of your sentiment. And of course the line about Zumba (or god forbid the eliptical every day) is right on. xoxo