Thursday, May 29, 2014

Winning {A Three Things Thursday post}

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1. Another week has gone by, and I am happy to report {to myself}that I am still rocking the no-grain, no-sugar experiment. It wasn't easy this weekend with Memorial Day outings that included a trip to the zoo, where ice cream is often a treat; a hog roast where green chile mac and cheese was served; another grill out with cookies and ice cream; and front-row seats at the minor league baseball game ... on $1 hot dog day.

Of course, it's not to say I didn't have anything. I just chose where I was willing to break the rules. Mark and I split a cone at the zoo but I said no to the beer and mac and cheese at the party that night. I had a bit more ice cream at the second barbecue but got peanuts at the game. What's more important to me, though, is that those indulgences didn't set me into a tail spin. I was back to work - and back on plan - on Tuesday.

2. Before the game on Monday, Mark, Miles and I did a little shopping at the outdoor mall. All of Mark's summer shorts seemed to have disappeared into the Bermuda triangle in our basement, and he was in desperate need as his school does not have air conditioning. As luck would have it, Old Navy had shorts on sale for $8. I grabbed a couple pairs for him and then went over to investigate the women's.

I found myself skipping over the too short shorts and heading toward the bikinis. Usually, trying on such things will send me into tears {related} but I was feeling brave ... or masochistic, grabbing a few to try on. I am pretty sure Mark was nervous for me {and himself} that it would be like so many dressing room trips before but I came out unscathed and with a bathing suit I liked. I am not sure whether I'm more self accepting and confident or was suffering from  heat stroke but I'm happy with my progress mentally.

3. Ever since I accepted Mark's invitation to pace me for Fort4Fitness, I've been churning about how I wanted to approach training for the race. I know what I need - speed work and tempo runs, long runs and recovery ones - but I didn't know where I should find it. I could get a coach, which is expensive and a bit self indulgent (in my opinion) based on my abilities. I could buy a plan from Smart Coach or Runner's Academy. Or I could go with some of the easily accessed schedules, either from Train Like a Mother or online.

I had been seriously considering the Another Mother Runner 13.Fun challenge but the timing wasn't right and the price was a bit steep {for me, at this time}. I was poking around on the local running store's website to see about coaching prices when I saw information about the training group for the fall half marathon.

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I had always thought it was for beginners but, as it turns out, they advertise that it's for all levels and the program offers individualized plans. There are also group runs, info on nutrition, chance to make more BRFs and availability to ask questions of the coach. Plus a shirt. For $65.

Gotta ask the boss man but I'm pretty sure this is my answer!


  1. We went to Old Navy to for the hubby to get some shorts and me some tanks and shorts for pregnancy, although I should find a bikini top that fits my ever growing boobs now. Sometimes indulging just a little is something we need!! I know it is for me, then I don't feel I am restricting myself all the time!!

  2. Good job on moderating the "treats" "bad stuff" whatever you want you want to call it! :)
    I think that sounds like a great plan and for cheap!!!!!