Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Worst Case Scenarios: A race recap

The conversation between my friend and me before the start of the Nutri-Run 20K on Saturday went a little like this:

"I really wish it were colder for this run - like negative 14 degrees - but with rain."

"Well, I really wish there were 45 mph winds."

"I really think there should be 4 inches of snow on the ground and a negative 100 windchill."

"I really hope I get lost on the course so I run 20 miles instead of 20K."

"I really hope they delay the race for an hour at the 10K mark so I can be outside longer."

"I really hope I slip on the course and fall into the waters of an icy culver, where no one will see me."

 photo IMG_3512_zps607e3e8f.jpg

The conditions for this year's Nutri-Run were far from ideal, with 33 degrees, a wintry mix, 20+ mph winds and slush roads. Not that I'd expect any less this year. Also, a race at the end of March can be a bit precarious, weather-wise, in the Midwest but when I ran it two years ago, I was in shorts and a tank.


Just to give you a picture.

So the weather was just one of the things working against me. I also had a bad attitude about the weather, the first 3 miles are fairly hilly and had taught Bodypump at 9 a.m. with the race start at 11 a.m. I didn't think the latter would be an issue but my legs felt heavy from the start.

 photo IMG_3511_zpscd46a250.jpg

And the bad thought demon pretty much dominated the race.
Miles 1-2.5: Shit. I already can't keep up with my friends. Stupid hills. Stupid downhills. Please God, don't let me slide down this hill and fall.

Miles 2.5-7: Now or never. Must make the 20K turn. Stay with this friend. Stay with this friend. Mmm, Gu. It's a good reason to walk. Hold the pace. Hold the pace. Who the heck cares? Awesome. I just passed the 10-year-old who trained hard for this race.

Miles 7-12: Eff you wind. I HATE YOU. YOU BLOW. This sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks. Sleet is pelting me in the face. Or is it you snow? Can't look forward. Can't look forward. There's that ditch that I was going to fall into. Good thing the wind is pushing me the other way. Where's my second Gu? Shit. It fell out. Sweet. I just passed the 10-year-old boy's sister. She's 7. Nothing like passing a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD to make you feel good about yourself.

Mile 12 - Finish: Is it over? Now? Is it over now? Oh, look. My friends are finished and walking back to their cars with bread. I can't walk now. Run. Where's the kick? Omph. Not there. Done.

Stats: Positive splits for the win. Sixth out of seven in my age group. My training partner beat me by 11 minutes. The icing on the cake was that I finished this race almost 30 seconds faster two years ago.

Upside: A shitty race and long run in the books before the Athens half on April 13. I figure it got the zoomies out.



  1. So, wait a minute. You're saying you ran it, in the cold, on the ice, with a headwind and sleet, only 30 sec slower than you did two years ago... WHEN IT WAS SHORTS AND TANK TOP WEATHER? And this is, somehow, BAD?!

    Um, excuse me, that is pretty freaking excellent. Now stop whining and be proud of yourself.

    1. Bahaha!! My thoughts EXACTLY!!!! You are totally awesome Kim!!!!

  2. What Robyn said. This race sucked. Period. They aren't going to all be rainbows and butterflies and now you got your shit race out of the way so the rest of the year will kick ass.

    Just think, it could've been 90 degrees and 150% humidity :)

  3. hahahahaha!! Robyn I love you.

    I have no comment because Robyn said everything I would have said.

    Except I love you. You rock. And AWWW BABY MILES!!

  4. Baby Miles! I well remember that year I ran a mid-March half and it was freaking 86 degrees and my fingers swelled like sausages. That said, I think this year so far has been an awesome year to skip racing. Way to endure.

  5. I can't lie, I'm glad to see someone else hated a run on Saturday. Makes me feel like less of a wuss for that craptastic marathon performance.
    Here's hoping that was the last of the nasty weather... I hope I didn't just jinx my next two races!

  6. is it wrong that i was cracking up at your race report?? you still kicked ass with the worst conditions!! and it was 12.4 miles!! that is a lot. and you wrote a super clever recap - well done!! #willweeverwearshortsagain?!

  7. So late to this party. I was laughing out loud reading this. I'm sorry it was a shitty race, but you did great all things considered! With all this training in adverse conditions, I'm pretty sure you're going to kill it at the Athens Half. I can feel it.

  8. Wow!! I have to admit that I was laughing as well!! It is always better to have a shitty last run before a race...get all the bad stuff out...so the race is going to be great!!! Can't wait to see how you do next weekend!!!!! Go out and kill it!