Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 4/21-4/27

Once upon a time, I used to feel like a badass mother runner. I ran with the stroller for a significant part of my weekly mileage, even taking Miles on long runs of 8 miles. I had a stroller filled with Dum Dum Pops and an iPhone with toddler music favorites. People in the neighborhood recognized me as the woman who ran with the stroller and the dog.

Then, sometime last year, I just got over running with the stroller. It was harder and more of a hassle. I was doing a lot of runs early in the morning, too, which cut the need for the BOB. The only regular time that Miles came along for a run was on the weekends when Mark ran part of my long runs with me. Then, I started running with the group and those runs were cut.

But times are changing again. After being cooped up all winter and Denali's need to get in shape, stroller running is much more appealing. The warmer (relatively) mornings have meant we've been able to go out. It hasn't been but a handful so far, however, it's enough to know that I want to keep doing it. I've even set some goals for myself.

*Acclimate Miles and Denali to 5 miles. Denali will be the easier of the two as the older Miles gets, the shorter the attention span. However, he did well enough for 4.33 miles that I think 5 fast could be OK.

*Find new ways to entertain Miles. We do toddler music on the iPhone - "Wheels on the Bus," specifically - and candy. However, I'd like something better. Suggestions are welcome.

*Run a sub-8 mile with the stroller. I've surprised myself that I can do at least one sub-9 mile without much effort during each run that the challenge of a sub-8 is alluring. I'm doing some shorter speed work for fun, and I think it will be of help.

 photo B1BD05D1-0C09-4D21-BDCB-0CEEA2682882_zpsbssoptkg.jpg

Side note: Miles is a backseat runner. He tells me to stop at stop signs, not to run into people and to watch out for cars. He also tells me to run in the street, go faster and change music. It's quite motivating ... NOT!

The week, in training:

Monday, April 21
RUN | 3.2 miles
Miles was up at 5 a.m., which turned out to be the story of the week, so I decided to take him out in the stroller for the week's shortest and easiest run. I realized at Mile 2 that I was on track to negative split each mile so I hauled butt for the last one, clocking in at 8:49.

Tuesday, April 22
RUN | 4.33 miles, intervals
This run was all about mothering up and putting my big girl shorts on. It was more convenient, so to speak, to do the 12 x 1-minute intervals (with 1-minute recovery) with the stroller as I really had no idea when I would do the workout otherwise. It was windy to boot, making for a challenging time. I really thought I might die after the first interval and had no idea how I would do 12 after finishing four. There might have been two extended recoveries to tend to Miles' picky music preferences but otherwise done. All but two of the intervals were at sub-8 pace, and I was at 8:44 overall.

Wednesday, April 23
CROSS TRAIN | 1.75-mile walk
I was trying to pass the time, and I was really enjoying taking Miles and Denali out so we went for a walk. And it paid! I found a total of $5.26 on this walk, most of which in the first quarter-mile. It paid for a donut treat for Miles later in the week.

 photo 81EE9690-05AC-4A46-B9E6-9A0E70B66EC3_zpse90ilhyg.jpg

CROSS TRAIN | Jumping jack circuit
I tested a circuit workout I programmed for my upcoming outdoor boot camps in the aerobics room at the YMCA. There were five different circuits, each with three exercises, and each circuit featured a jack variation. Phew! It was tough in the best way possible. I threw in some bicep curls because I love biceps.

Thursday, April 24
RUN | 5 miles, tempo
Early morning outing with Joe. The workout was a 2-mile warm-up, 1 mile at tempo pace and 2-mile cool down. I told Joe that the goal for the tempo mile was 8:30 but since it was dark, I just went by feel. When we got to a better lit area, with just 0.15 mile to go, he told me were closer to 8:00. Oops! But, as fate would have it, the tempo mile was 8:27.

Mark came to class, which I always love, and one of my regulars brought her sister who was visiting. It made me so happy that she wanted to share the class with someone, and I knew how much it meant that her sister was in town.

Friday, April 25
CROSS TRAIN | Heated yoga
I had a free birthday class from Pranayoga, and I did not want it to go to waste! The 8:30 class is always lovely, as it's led by the owner, but this one was just awesome. I felt like Dani knew that I needed to stretch the heck out of my hips and hamstrings. I also realized in class that it is so rare for someone to touch us without an agenda - and how nice it can be. Comforting.

Saturday, April 26
I think I'm a jinx. In the four weeks since I stopped teaching at the BBG, I have taken three different Saturday classes and all have had a sub. I don't really care but I had to get a sub maybe two or three times a year. Anyway. It mattered this week because the sub didn't show. Thankfully, the step instructor is spin certified (?) or was competent to lead the class. She has a bum knee, though, and led it off the bike. Weird! As it turned out, it was one of the best cycle classes I've taken. She had us doing pushups, one-arm pushups and other fun hovers on the bike.

Sunday, April 27
RUN | 8.02 miles
A great run with the girls. The pace was a bit faster (9:09) than I do my long runs (9:20-9:40) but being with the group kept me honest. As did the 14 mph winds. I am hoping that by cutting long run mileage a bit that I can keep the weekend runs around that pace.


  1. re stroller running - i'm just getting back into it (with the little one tho). I have high hopes that she will sleep and I can run run RUN! I'm not sure how things will go with both of them - i'm thinking it will mostly be destination-running, like to playgrounds, the zoo, the beach, other parks, etc. With toddlers, they change so frequently, I have no idea what will work and what won't. Guess it will be trial and error. (plus the double bob thing is a bit daunting - that's a lot of weight to push around!).

    oh, and I found a dollar on a recent run - so nice when that happens!

  2. That is so cool that you are going to go for a sub 8:00 stroller mile! Go get it!

    12x1 sounds so much more alluring to me than, say... mile repeats. Or 400s. Ha ha! Those quick intervals seem to make it go by so much faster!

    How cool that Mark came to your class and someone brought her sis. You rock!

  3. I'm impressed with your stroller running. I cringe at hte thought of pushing Ella, though Anderson isn't much lighter. When we move I see stroller runs with which ever kid is up the earliest happening. Thank goodness Minneapolis is flat.

    And yes, we will be meeting in Chicago!