Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 3/31-4/6


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Proof I run with people. Also proof that it was warm enough to wear shorts on Sunday, that I cannot be serious in a photo, need better posture and LIKE bright colors.

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This week, as it turns out, it was all about the group runs. For three out of the four, I had at least one person with me and I was actually scheduled to have all of them but  life, drama, life kept me out till 10:30 p.m Thursday and I canceled my 5 a.m. Friday. Blah, blah, blah.

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I can't tell you how much running with people has changed the sport for me. I've learned to push harder, stay stronger and laugh more than I ever had. I've found enthusiastic cheerleaders and sympathetic ears.

All of these came into play as I set out for my long run on Sunday. It was a fairly large group of us - six - and we "agreed" to start the run at an easy pace around 9:30. We set off down the towpath, a space we hadn't gotten the chance to explore this snowy winter, and it all felt so new and fun. I got a minute (or half mile) to vent and then it was on to the chatter of a run. The miles seemed to blow by - maybe because the closest we got to 9:30 was in the third mile when one of us had to adjust a slipping car key.

The pace started creeping up faster as we turned around, and my body and taper brain desperately wanted to slow. I started thinking about dropping back as my breathing became more labored.


The word began to play on repeat in my brain, not surprising as it's been stuck there since listening to a Runner Academy podcast with Jacqueline Hansen. I could fall back or I could endure. I chose endure. I tucked in behind Joe and just kept going, following the speedy legs ahead of me.

The last mile was 8:42. An 8:42 after a week of training and a Saturday spent cutting down trees (seriously). I wouldn't have done it on my own.

The week, in training:

Monday, March 31
RUN | 3.26 miles
I ran with Mark, Miles and Denali. I pushed the BOB for the first 1.25 miles and then Mark took over. I wanted to keep the pace easy but somehow we ran an 8:39. He said it was my fault, I said it was his. So he was the culprit.

Tuesday, April 1
RUN |  4.05 miles with Joe
Early morning run with the bud. It was fairly warm, almost 50, and quite foggy out. I am so glad he has a head lamp!

Wednesday, April 2
CROSS TRAINING | Indoor trainer ride, 20 minutes
I was super proud that I got up early to ride on the bike but Miles came down 18 minutes and told me to get off. Nice, eh? I got annoyed by 20 minutes and got off. We sort of made up for it by going on a family walk after breakfast.


Thursday, April 3

Friday, April 4
RUN | 5.25 miles, intervals
I had a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 interval workout on tap, and I was tired. With a capital exhausted. I was also peeved that I had to cancel my run date (to sleep in) and was doing the workout alone. I managed the warm up fine but couldn't find a rhythm in the first 5-minute interval. I cut it at 3.5 minutes and decided to try again. Nope. I ended up with two half-assed intervals and then did a 1-2-3-2-1 (in minutes) with 2 minute recovery jogs.

Saturday, April 5
CROSS TRAINING | Boot camp-type class

Normally, I wouldn't count this but I used a chain saw for the first time (yee haw!) and cut down two trees plus some bushes. I'm not sure if it was class or the yard work but my entire posterior chain was sore for two days.

Sunday, April 6
RUN | 10 miles


  1. i'm not totally sure, but it seems like we both had somewhat challenging weeks last week? in any case, you still did awesome with the workouts! it must definitely help to have company. I wish i did. and that yard work sounded pretty hard core! chain saw - wow

  2. Yay for your running company! Sometimes I wish I had a running group, but then if I did, I'd worry I'd be the slow poke in the group.

  3. I really miss having company while running. It is so much more fun with a buddy or five. I'm hoping once things shake out here in the next few weeks, I'll find a good running group. once again, totally impressed with the amount of exercise you fit in during the week. My hero!

  4. Nice work this week!! I think running with people makes such a big difference!! Good for you for not quitting on those intervals but just changing them around to fit your needs!! :)