Thursday, April 3, 2014

This and that: Three Things Thursday

1. I was sure my friend's account had been hacked when I got her first email. It had a matter of fact message and referenced claims from Oprah, Dr. Oz and ... me. Beyond my undying love for #carbsforlife, I haven't claimed much lately.

The second email, though, changed things. The alert was not spam.

 photo photo_zpsa3b93cb3.png

But the ad was.

It seems my photo - or photo I should say - from the Woman's Day piece is being used in an ad/testimonial for pure garcinia cambogia - the next big "miracle" for weight loss.

At first I thought it was harmless but the more I thought about it, the more I got agitated. I would hate for someone I know to see my image, even with the wrong name and city, and think I not only used something like this but supported it. I reached out to Woman's Day via Twitter and got a fairly prompt response. The magazine is looking into it as using the photo is basically theft, and I'm hoping it disappears into a cyborg.

2. The Fort Wayne Track Club has been really busting a move lately, and they've been having volunteers snap photos at local races. The photos are posted on the group's Facebook page, making it easy to tag yourself or share images with friends.

 photo IMG_3543_zps99b01955.jpg

They seem to make a real effort to get photos of everyone at the start and finish. I find myself anxiously awaiting them, even if I'm not in them. It makes me proud to see my friends and fellow runners working so hard.

 photo IMG_3544_zps2140dd81.jpg

3. I don't want to jinx it but I think I might actually get to put away the tights this weekend. I'm meeting Joe tomorrow morning, with a projected forecast of 48 (plus rain). The weekend long run starts at noon, and the high Sunday is 58. There's a few cold mornings sprinkled through next week but nothing capris + Pro Compression socks can't solve.

What are your three things for the day?


  1. Aww man, I would be so upset if they were using my photo for that! I hope they take it down. Side note: I think SELF mentioned garcinia cambogia in their BS meter. The same one as the tutus! I think. I already recycled it!

    Hide the tights! I am so over them, I've just been in capris the past few weeks :)

  2. I hope that the magazine gets this issue cleared up for you.

    My three things for the day are:
    1. I HATE worms! With all the rain we had today, water began seeping in under the doors outside of my classroom and worms were actually crawling on the carpet heading for my classroom.
    2. My fingers are still in pain from the cortisone injections.
    3. I'm not prepared for my half marathon this weekend.

    Well there you have it.

  3. Wow that is awful they stole your pic! Wish you had some recourse that would net you some cash. Just goes to show how shoddy all those types of ads are.

  4. Gah, I hate they stole your pic but at least you were alerted and have taken action! Those ads kill me. I'm glad it seems there is a true plan of recourse! You look great in those running pics!