Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gym Faux Pas: Guilty As Charged {A Three Things Thursday post}

I was listening to the Jillian Michaels podcast this morning on my way to meet my run date. I was sort of zoning out, the way you would in a large group conversation at a party, when Jillian mentioned an article about gym etiquette. {that may or may not be the correct article}

Apparently, there's things you should not do at a gym - like leave sweat on the equipment, rest for too long and leaving weights out.

OK. We all know not to do those things but it doesn't stop some of - Jillian and me - included from doing them.

Here are my crimes.

 photo treadmillphone_zps9ac4997a.jpg

1. Using a cell phone. While the article was more focused on talking, I developed a bad habit of playing music on my phone and not using ear buds when I ran on the treadmill this winter. I just couldn't get the ear buds to stay in but wanted the motivation for hard workouts. I tried to be mindful to keep the volume low, not play offensive music and only do it when those surrounding me were wearing headphones.

2. Invading personal space. I never understood why someone just had to have a certain piece of equipment at the gym ... until this winter. I totally crushed on one treadmill at the YMCA and would be disappointed if it was occupied. I would claim it for a run, even if someone was using a machine right next to it and there were 10 others open.

Note: One of y'all mentioned this very thing on a post earlier this year, and it clicked about two weeks later. I could go lock but I'm tired and don't have the brain power - I'm currently in a caffeine detox of sorts.

3. Scoping out the displays. Yep. I do it. I love to know how fast the person near me is running and at what incline. It helps to spark my internal competitiveness ... which is why I do it. It's like running a race.Without a bib and an entry fee. I also find that it helps me stay on task during a workout.

After a winter in the gym, I will now give you my three pet peeves in terms of gym etiquette:

1. Prancing around the locker room with very little clothes on for no real purpose. I am sorry but it is possible to blow dry your hair with more than a bra and underwear.

2. Lifting irresponsibly. I can not tell you how many times at the BBG that I saw guys just throwing up weights and grunting as if they were filming a video for Muscle & Fitness. Their form was poor, the weights appeared to be too heavy and the timing was rushed. Hyperextending your shoulder to bring a weight up in one second is doing you no good! Gah!

3. OK, not related to people but vending machines stocked with crap. If I just got done working out, I'd like at least the option of getting something healthy.

Weigh in: What are you guilty of? What do you hate?

By the way, Jillian hates the gym selfie and, well, selfies in general. I am not super big on these but will do it for the sake of social media/ambassadorships/boredom.


  1. I"m guilty of scoping out the displays too.

    Cell phone usage drives me crazy, especially on the cardio machines. And I don't understand why gyms need soda machines. It's a freakin' gym!

  2. Ha! That is funny Jillian hates the selfie! I don't mind them now and then :) Every day would get a bit old.

    I wonder if the people who blow dry with so little on do it because the dryer makes them so hot/sweaty, especially if you have't cooled off after a shower. That is what would happen to me if I used on. Just the hot iron makes me too hot!

    I don't go to a gym so I don't have any for either list!

  3. Definitely creep on people's pace and incline. It's really interesting to me to see how "hard" I *perceive* someone is working by watching their gait compared to mine, and then it's insane when I see they're jogging along at 7 minute miles like it aint no thang.

    I know we're all women and it's supposed to be a safe space or whatever, but I'm nuts about keeping as covered as possible in the locker room. I wish other women felt the same. I'm glad you have no body shame, but I still don't want to see you completely naked as a turn a corner! It's jarring!

    To be honest, I don't always wipe down the machine. If I don't touch it, and if I don't manage to break a sweat (using it for a warm-up), then I'm not wasting time and paper wiping it down for no reason.

  4. Guilty of wearing nothing but bra and panties in the locker room. I do it because I go directly to work and don't want to put my work clothes on until I have dried my hair and done my make up because a) I get hot and sweaty when I dry my hair and don't want to sweat in my work clothes, and b) The likelihood of me getting make up on my top is very high, so I don't want to put it on until after I'm finished.

    Sorry, especially to all of the people who have to look at the cellulite on the back of my thighs.

  5. Maybe I'm getting older but I can not believe some of the shorts the girls are wearing to work out. They look like underwear! This is a gym not the beach no one wants to see the underside of your ass cheeks, cover it up!!