Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 3/10-3/16

This week was about commitment. Getting it done in the face of adversity.

There was the 7 inches of snow on Wednesday that required a push to the YMCA and a push out to get in the interval ride. There were crazy winds and cold for a long run on Sunday that made it feel like running against a wall.  There was a busted tube on my bike just as I was about to start a nap time trainer ride.

There was also the realization that if you stick it through that you will feel stronger - or at least feel like a bad ass. Well, except for the burst tube on my bike. My reaction to that made me feel more like a drama queen and a bit incompetent.

Note to self: Learn how to change a tube on the road bike or you'll never make through a triathlon this summer. Also, buy some tubes so you're not rooting through old ones in the basement. Oh, get some swim lessons, too.

Monday, March 10

Tuesday, March 11
RUN | Easy 4 + strides
This run was how you want running to feel. It was delicious. was in capris and short sleeves, and the air was crisp. There was no ice or slush to navigate, and the pavement felt nice underneath my feet.

Wednesday, March 12
RUN | Z5 intervals (5.75 miles total)
I totally underestimated this workout. It called for, in minutes, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 in Zone 5 with 2 minutes recovery between interval. I had a 5-minute break and then I got to do it all over again. The intervals seemed so manageable on paper but I really had to fight for it.

Fun class! I had a new-to-me gal in class - a runner - and some regulars. It was a good confident boost to have some (relatively, speaking) better numbers.

Thursday, March 13
CROSS TRAINING | Indoor bike, 7 miles
A quick ride after taking Miles to daycare. I zoned out and watched "Chopped" on my Kindle.

CROSS TRAINING | Bands, balls and bar
The highlight of this class was me falling ... wait, no ... smacking my back on the wood floor after slipping off a stability ball. 

Friday, March 14
RUN | Tempo, 6.25 miles
I did it! I did it! This workout was the toughest one yet - 2 x 2 miles at tempo pace with a quarter-mile recovery - but I did a good job of not psyching myself out before. I managed the first interval just fine and when I started struggling in the second, I decided the faster I run, the faster I'm done. I started picking it up every quarter-mile and finished at an 8:00 pace or maybe slightly faster.

Saturday, March 15

CROSS TRAINING | Indoor trainer, 15 miles
The ride that almost wasn't. Miles took a bit to get down and then a tube busted on my bike when I was pumping up the tires. Of course, my bike knowledge/skills are limited and I was sure I broke my bike big time. Tears were nearly rolling when I called for my cycling-seasoned husband, proclaiming something was effed up and I needed help. A big thanks to Mark for coming to the rescue and guiding me through a tube change. Well, more like doing it. I kept the ride steady and easy while I watched "Chopped."

Sunday, March 16
RUN | 11.69 miles
As one of my running partners said, just when you think winter is done and you've run through the worst, the Old Man smacks you in the face. There was no snow, mostly, but the thermometer read 21-23 degrees and with 23 mph winds, the "real feel" temp was 9 degrees. Three of us ran a relaxed three miles at the university and went back to the cars to pick up a fourth. The first part of the nearly 9 miles wasn't bad - we were with the wind - but the last half was a struggle. S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E. All of us were more than willing to stop the watch at 11.69 when we got to the cars rather than looping to hit our goal of 12.

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