Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Confessions

 1. I let Miles watch far more TV than preferred this morning because I wanted to take a shower in peace. And shave my legs. Lately, the little man is under the impression that I can not shower nor bathe by myself. In fact, when he hears the water, he runs into the bathroom, starts stripping and then stands at the toilet, from where he will chuck toys at my head. An extra half-hour of "Dumbo," though, bought me much needed time alone.

2. I am living up to the reputation of fair weather Catholics and giving up dessert for Lent. After two months of trying sugar detoxes, I decided this was the perfect chance to buckle down. Jesus, I'm very sorry for using this time in vain. I will do better next year.

3. I am very much looking forward to the Athens Half Marathon next month if only because I will get to sleep in a bed by myself and not be woken up at 4:30 a.m. by a wee one chanting my name. I love my child, I really do, but Mama needs some sleep.

Miles funny of the day: In an effort to curb the physicality of his tantrums, I bribed Miles with a trip to the donut shop if he could make it the entire morning without causing me bodily harm. (Oh, another confession.) He was eating the sprinkles off his cake donut and I was sipping coffee when he asked me the oddest of questions.

"Will you throw me out the window?"

Uh. Am I that bad of company? If we only knew his confessions ...

What are yours?


  1. I'm giving up sweets too! All of them! Only natural sugars for this girl. Day two and so far I'm okay. I did eat some dates last night but those are 100% okay :)

  2. I'm confessing that I'm not giving anything up for Lent. Since I'm not Catholic I don't have to deal with the guilt of that confession either.

  3. I would need some alone time once in a while too!

  4. I also gave up sweets for Lent because I have been out of control lately. It's the only time of year that I can hold myself to not eating them. Fair weather Catholic here too!

    Ella asks me random stuff like that too. What must be going on in the minds of our kids...

  5. I'm no longer Catholic but I'm giving up chocolate.

  6. I'm trying to give up Diet Coke even though I'm not Catholic. I think it will help my arthritis. But it tastes SO good! Cute picture of Miles!

  7. love the bath pic of miles - he is a cutie!!