Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 1/27-2/2

I like to tell stories. Read them, write them, share them - it's probably why I went into journalism. And when I write a post, even a training update, I like to have a story. A hook.

But, this week, I do not. It was just a week like most others. It was a week where I did what I could to get my butt moving.

 photo trainerride_zpsb451e626.jpg

There are some anecdotes ... or tidbits. Yes. Let's call them tidbits because anecdotes imply the following are funny. And they are not. Well, maybe one.

Anyway - the things:
  • I need to pay better heed to taking rest days. Once again, I did something every day last week. I am blaming my running bud who invited me for run on Friday morning, which I had planned as a rest day. It's hard to find people willing to run at 5:30 a.m. but, more than that, he was willing to come to my neighborhood and it was 30 degrees. Could. Not. Refuse.
  • I was so befuddled by the 30-degree heat wave that I didn't know what to wear. I joked that I should have been in my Oiselle strappy bra (a new fave) and a pair of bum huggers. Thankfully, for Joe, I didn't. I was HOT, though, in my long sleeve shirt and flyer jacket.
  • The 80-minute trainer ride on Tuesday was quite unusual. I was hoping for 45 minutes but I heard Miles yelling, "Mama! Are you down there?" about 30 minutes in. I was sure he had wandered downstairs and was at the basement door. As it turns out, he was yelling through the heating vent in his room. I had to stop, obviously, to find this out so I coerced Mark into taking Miles to daycare since he had a snow day.
  • I am testing out Miles' tolerance for hanging out in the basement while I'm on the trainer. He's good for about 15 minutes - coloring, throwing an inflatable globe ball at my head, asking to run on the treadmill and rocking in the baby swing.
  • I had to cut out on my long run group Sunday because I had some form of stomach bug, which had struck Miles on Thursday through Sunday. I felt nauseous at mile 4 and had to admit to my new-ish friends that I was on the brink of pooping my pants at 7.64 miles. #friendsforlife
  • I think I've been on the treadmill too much lately because I've reached a point where I don't need/want music during a run. I will start out with Pandora for the warmup but usually yank out my earbuds by the second mile. And it's not even that the earbuds are annoying me or falling out! (Note: I'm wearing a pair of the women-specific Koss buds with Dara Torres on the package. I won them on a giveaway and like them lots.) I am just tired of all the songs.
The week, in training:

Monday: 3-mile run
Tuesday: 80 minutes on bike trainer
Wednesday: 4-mile run, tempo + Bodypump
Thursday: Ripped
Friday: 6.11-mile run
Saturday: Bodypump + 30 minutes on trainer
Sunday: 7.64-mile run


  1. Great job in sticking with your training plan. I had a conference in Columbus, Ohio the last few days and have done nothing but sit through seminars. I need to get back to training but looks like the weather will not be cooperating. I haven't used music for the last month during my treadmill runs either.

  2. Learning from our training is half the battle. Nice work.

  3. Nice week of workouts and congrats on the long trainer ride. It is NOT easy to be on the trainer for longer than an hour at a time, so kudos. Looks like we took some of your cold weather last week in ATL :)

  4. Nice re-cap!! I love the 30 degree heat wave. I can't even imagine being on that side of the country!! Keep up the good work!!!