Monday, February 17, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

I nearly flopped on the couch Sunday night as Mark queued up the second episode of the new season of "House of Cards." I was tired, exhausted maybe, and I wanted more than to sit on my backside.

After all, it had been one of those weekends. It wasn't jam-packed with adventures but rather full of family and memories, going and coming. Standing and running. Fun ... delicious, delicious fun.

 photo 2121EBBA-6CB7-4A91-8BD6-DF1E59890CA1_zpse7syxkru.jpg

SATURDAY | A trip to the mall and carousel. Miles has been making big gains toward becoming a "big boy," and we rewarded (read: bribed) him with a trip to the carousel. A $2 ride is worth days on days in underpants. And this look on his face. He loved it.

Side note: When we try to explain to Miles why we have to work, he replies that we are making money for the carousel.

 photo 009B5364-38D8-4528-8D0D-819DFE4F9F23_zpsixhofdd8.jpg

SUNDAY | Hockey adventures. I scored some free tickets to the Komets game at work, and I thought we might able to take Miles to a Sunday afternoon game. It would not interfere with his sleep schedule and, if he freaked out, we were not out too much.

 photo BC7B3405-0EB7-44E0-85A9-EE269E9CACFA_zpsgeaaxhlh.jpg

Miles was really excited, especially when he split some yogurt with Dad, but it ended with the first goal for the Komets. They blare the horn and the fans are quite enthusiastic, thoroughly freaking him out. We managed to stay through the first period and intermission but couldn't deny repeated requests to leave. On the way home, he kept telling us that he was going to share that he went to the game and it was "scary" with friends at daycare.

 photo 1e9c51a9-ae24-486f-bbe3-34877cda4b66_zpsa79967f5.jpg

ALL DAY, EVERY DAY | ALL THE BREAD. A few weeks ago, I began a sourdough starter. I'm not sure why but it's something I've always wanted to do. It's a fun and dangerous thing as you are making something once a week (or throwing out some starter). I've made traditional bread and sourdough waffles, and this weekend I made this sourdough oatmeal bread. Oh. My. So. Good. I gave one loaf to my neighbors who are always very thoughtful, and I kept one for us. I'm trying not to eat it all but it tasted far too good right out of the oven , with butter after my 12-mile run.

And speaking of that 12-mile run, while there is no "scene," it was quite noteworthy. It was the first long run since early January where conditions were conducive to clocking my normal long run pace and there were sections with actual pavement. I almost didn't know what to do with myself and neither did my legs. I swear they felt slow and heavy without resistance.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Haha! I need to go make some carousel money too.

  2. LOL! I wonder what Miles's (or is it Miles') friends at daycare think of his scary story! :)

    My friend is currently potty training her son and he called me this morning to let me know he used the toilet. LOL!

    1. HA! I love that he called you. I'm not sure Miles has called anyone but he definitely does announce it with quite a bit of pride.

      The first thing he talked about at daycare at drop-off was the scary hockey game. He was very antsy to share his story. It even beat the carousel.

  3. Fun weekend!! Cute pic of Miles (and I'm assuming Mark) at the game!! I am too afraid to cook bread. Some day I will but I will just continue to bake cookies and cakes! :)
    I had a fun Valentines day, did lots of working out(including a 9 mile run in the pouring rain), and a cooking class Saturday night!

  4. I love that Miles calls it carousel money!

    I would live to make sourdough bread (my favorite!) But I would eat it ALL. My friend makes it and gives me a loaf on occasion. It's rare the loaf lasts a day around here....