Monday, January 6, 2014

Mirror, Mirror: #corevalues, Week 1

Thursday, as predicted, the aerobics room was quiet at 7:15. The falling snow and cold had kept gym-goers from my Ripped class.

And, as I had a plan, I took the time to rehearse Bodypump 88 choreography and get in my #corevalues for the day. I did planks, crunches and knee tucks on the Swiss ball and the ab track from 88. My core, already sore from the three days prior of ab training, was burning. It was a good feeling, even if I had an empty class.

I slowly got up and caught a reflection in the mirror. Just me and the racks of fitness equipment. In that moment, I briefly considered pulling up my shirt and taking a picture of my torso. I know that I'll never have great abs, extra skin and all, but maybe I'll make some improvements, get some lines.

Lines, though, is not what I'm after, I told myself. I'm in it for balance, strength and stability. So the shirt stayed down, the photo untaken. My progress will be measured in commitment and an end of the month plank hold.

Week 1 #corevalues check in

 photo d6b38777-d0ed-4a62-81fc-db92f49d769a_zps4660d964.jpg

Accountability: There were a couple late-night "oh shit" sessions after putting Miles down to sleep but I got in at least 5 minutes a day - sometimes 10. I still need to do my circuit session but I am hoping to squeeze that in tonight.

Observations: My abs have been in a constant state of soreness - not so much during daily activities but when I go to do the exercises. I think I would have paid someone for a rest day yesterday but feel good that I've followed through on my commitment.

Exercises to try this week: If you followed the plan from last week, the goal was to activate the deep muscles of the core and work on stability. The more that strength develops, the more dynamic you can get with the moves.

Bird dog ---> Zippers
Bicycle crunch ---> Try it on a Swiss ball or grab a weight/medicine ball and do Russian twists
Forearm plank ---> Walking plank (hip stability key on this one; if your hips are dipping too much, try straight arm plank)
Glute bridge ---> Single leg glute bridge (I did these in PT and they are just mean!)
Pelvic tilts ---> Reverse crunch with leg lifts (I've been doing leg lifts and they are so great for low abs. Love to hate them.)

How are you doing? Comment on this post for an additional entry for the prize, which now includes products from NAAWK! I was first introduced to these products when I was in the PNW for Hood to Coast. They are amazing.


  1. #corevalues was basically the only thing I did last week while sick. I hate core work like mad but five minutes is easy to commit to. Thanks, doll!

  2. I've done some...not 5 minutes and not every day, sadly. But still more than I was doing! I've been doing planks, zippers, and my climbers.

  3. I am ashamed to say I only did three of the six days since I had can I not find five minutes a day? I will definitely try to to do better this week; it needs to become a habit.

  4. I was able to get all my days in! Definitely one late night right before bed. But the five minutes went by quickly.

    I did some single leg flute bridges yesterday....SO much more difficult!!

  5. I am spanking the challenge and in a constant state of soreness as well. Love me some plankage.

  6. I did really well the first week hitting 6/7 days of the challenge with at least 5 minutes of abs. I've already taken my off day this week, so now every day I owe at least 5 minutes. I'm loving this challenge!

    1. So glad you are liking it! And great job getting it done.