Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hour by hour: A day in the life

It's been a while since I've done a day in the life, and I thought it might be nice as our routine has changed. And by "our" I mean Miles.

 photo 6B314713-1DDD-43B6-9187-E59EE08B2030_zpsixc3jfwi.jpg

5 o'clock hour: Curse the alarm and wonder whether I really want to work out. I decide, yes, I do and head downstairs to get ready for my trainer ride. I get my computer, a bottle of Nuun (1/2 Kona Cola + 1/2 Watermelon) and my shoes. Just as I head down, I hear Miles roaring at his door. I contemplate checking on him but decide that Mark can deal with it.

 photo 55620966-6106-438D-8298-6C9A059F29D6_zpszzn3kqec.jpg

6 o'clock hour: As I hear the stomping of little feet, I cut the workout short at 30 minutes and head upstairs. Miles is eating a waffle and watching "Birds" (otherwise known as "Rio"). I make myself an egg white-veggie omelet and coffee and join him.

 photo 4AF15351-4FBB-4792-BA4C-6AF98921CA88_zps0oziyibm.jpg

7 o'clock hour: I head upstairs to shower and notice that the monster roaring at the door also destroyed Miles' room. Shower, get M upstairs and clean. We also get ready for the day, pack a gym bag, change laundry and throw some chicken in the slow cooker.

 photo E64C0004-0E63-4491-B80D-3FF0ECDBFCE5_zpsm2qk5pfi.jpg photo E83E2BFC-A46C-42F8-82A7-27BEB2931334_zpsu8zymhsw.jpg

8 o'clock hour: Mother of the year here drops off Miles a half-hour early and heads to the YMCA to squeeze in some more exercise + my Core Values work for the day. Good or bad, disordered or not, I know I'm having a big lunch and want the extra burn. I do intervals on the treadmill and 100 crunches (50 on incline bench, 25 on each side).

9 o'clock hour: See a woman's bare ass in the locker room (after practically seeing it in too short shorts) and head to work. Note to self: Do not be the naked person at the Y. Also, clean desk.

 photo C46E6ECC-E08C-4BB2-8264-3E1D2A80E439_zps0qorubis.jpg

10 o'clock hour: Lunch is not here yet. Eat Wasa crispbread with Laughing Cow light Swiss.

11 o'clock hour: Drink more coffee. Go to meeting. Wait for lunch.

 photo BB0BE5D0-4ED4-4270-9618-EE1556EBA18F_zpspulopuz0.jpg photo 3C0B21AB-B955-4AFA-9BBD-F33D673D9E5D_zpsvx9uiw7c.jpg

Noon hour: Lunch. My co-worker and I try a relatively new Ethiopian place, and it is incredibly rad. Crap, I feel rad just typing that I ate Ethiopian.

 photo DFCCF7E8-6FA8-4AFD-A69B-1FF4ED7BAAD7_zpsfqt4yimm.jpg

1 o'clock hour: Chase my Ethiopian food baby with a cupcake. Go back to work and drink coffee.

2 o'clock hour to 5 o'clock hour: Work. Go to meetings. May or may not play Words with Friends. I eat radishes.

 photo C60CCF72-97DE-41E8-A771-7E6C19993E1C_zpsn8qdcgud.jpg

6 o'clock hour: Come home and thank heavens I made dinner in the slow cooker. We eat on the couch because a microwave for Goodwill is occupying the dining room table. Mark cleans up, and Miles and I read a book about bad manners. "Jingle Bells" may or may not be sung.

7 o'clock hour: Mark bathes Miles and reads to him as I type this post. After three stories, I head up for a final book and to sit with Miles as he listens to lullaby renditions of the Smashing Pumpkins. Miles was once pretty easy to put down but during the holidays, things changed. The process took hours, with him sneaking downstairs and then requesting you to sit with for an hour until he fell asleep. We've finally, maybe, found a middle ground.

8 o'clock hour: Celebrate the return of "The Biggest Loser" and not having to spend 20 minutes trying to find something suitable to watch on Netflix. I drink hot chocolate.

9 o'clock hour: I realize I can't hang on for two hours of "Loser" an go to bed. I get workout clothes together and turn on the alarm.

Sweet dreams. Wait . No.

11 o'clock hour: Miles wakes up. I try to get him down but fail. Mark goes in and gets it done.

1 o'clock hour Wednesday: Miles throws a tiger at my head and climbs into bed. I am so tired that I don't care. I scooch to the side, turn off my alarm and try to get some sleep.

What does your day look like?


  1. Ok, it must be a 2.5 year old thing, because Ella also wants us to read every book in our entire house and sit with her for hours on end at bed time. Josh is way better at being stern with her because I can't say no when she requests one more hug, kiss or to talk to me about her day.

    I should do an updated day in the life post. I did a partial one this morning. Ugh, early mornings.

    I haven't tried Ethiopian's on my list though!

  2. Love this! Leo is approaching 2.5... please tell me he won't sleep regress, too. You and Jess have me scared!

  3. I'm so tired now. ;)
    And man, makes me wonder what I was doing when my kids were that age. Wait, maybe I don't want to relive that just yet!? haha
    You do the working mom thing well!!

  4. love ethiopian food!! and your early morning workouts always inspire me (though i have yet to actually do one..)

  5. Tiring but awesome! I am impressed by how interactive/helpful Mark is with Miles.