Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Weekly Training Update: 12/16-12/22

I discovered a few things this week.

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Swimming is hard. Like, really, really, really hard.

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I will definitely need lessons before tackling any triathlon in 2014, and the YMCA indoor event on Jan. 4 is no longer being entertained.

Running with others is always preferable to running alone. I joined a friend for part of her long run on Sunday as she trains for the Dopey Challenge, and I was shocked to see that time was up. It helped, I'm sure, that it was too dark to see the Garmin and I was running someone new but it was fun.

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I am seriously in love with riding on the trainer ... while watching "Sister Wives" on Netflix. Cycling, the way I do it, is relaxing and the trainer is so quiet. I can ride and ride while Miles sleeps without waking him, unlike the treadmill.

There is running shape and burpee shape. And I am not in burpee shape. I downloaded the Nike Training Club app for some fun workouts, and the two I did this week kicked my rear. I like having a plan made by someone else to keep me accountable but not the price of some other programs, such as P90X3 and T25 that are so tempting to buy.

The week, in training:

Monday: Nike Training Club workout, 30 minutes
Tuesday: 900 yards swimming + 3.18-mile run
Wednesday: 43 minutes on trainer + Bodypump
Thursday: 4-mile run + Nike Training Club workout, 20 minutes
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Bodypump + 2.1-mile run
Sunday: 10.5-mile run

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  1. Swimming: Total Immersion method really helped me, and many triathletes swear by it. You can learn it from the book and videos (DVD and they're also on YouTube). Or lots of pools have instructors who teach it. I did it from book/videos for a few months, then got a private lesson to help clean up my technique.