Friday, November 8, 2013

Veterans Marathon: The final countdown

24 hours. In 24 hours, if good training and the stars align, I will be wearing a marathon medal around my neck and eating my face off.

Until then ...

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1. This morning, after Mark took Miles to Walmart and the bank, I leashed up Denali for my final run of marathon training. I was going to take a rest day, my usual MO for racing, but the four-time winner of the Veterans Marathon, Justin Gillette, kindly suggested that I head out for a 15- to 20-minute easy jog today to relax the mind and muscles. And so I did. I didn't take a watch and just went out for a short loop around the neighborhood. It was a bit brisk but nice, and Denali seemed to really like it.

Side note: I need to put D-boy through Couch to 5K this winter, and I might even start up a DailyMile account for him - to keep us both accountable.

Anyway, after the run, I came home and stretched with Chalene Johnson for 30 minutes. ProCompression sleeves on today, and I'm ready to go.

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2. The weather forecast for the race could not be more perfect - high of 58 and the morning should be mid- to high 30s. I hadn't given much thought to what I'd wear but I pulled out my cheetah capris from Kohl's and Oiselle luxe layer from Hood to Coast. I think it's a pretty stellar combo - capris will help me run like that fast cat and Oiselle will remind me to fly. My HTC memories will remind me to dig deep. I also plan to take some throwaway gloves and hat to keep me warm pre-race.

3. If I don't PR this race, I can be rest assured that I've PR'd in carb loading. I amped it up yesterday with a bagel sandwich for my mid-day meal and today's lunch is a wrap and orzo salad from Fresh Market. Breakfasts have been cream of wheat and yogurt.

4. Veterans Marathon is a small race, less than 1,000 runners total and not even 300 doing the full. The marathon is two loops of the half marathon course, which means the last half might get pretty lonely. I am hoping, though, that by breaking up the race that I won't go crazy. I will see Mark at the half-way point, and he will give me fresh Nuun. I have a Picky Bar for mile 18, which will taste pretty rad at that point.

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I also spent the morning downloading a sweet playlist that I can start at mile 20. I don't normally run, much less race, with music but thought it could help. 

5. Goals. Yeah. Those things. I have several. First and foremost, I want to run smart, run strong and run with heart. I want to focus on the things I can control, at that moment, and worry about nothing else. I want to smile and have fun. I want to stay in the race, mentally, for all 26.2 miles.

Timewise, several of those, as well.

D: Beat Pam Anderson's time (5:41) from the New York City Marathon. Actually, I'd like to beat most of the celebrity times from that race.
C: PR, aka finish in less than 4:26:25.
B: 4:15 or better
A: 4:05.

See you at the finish line!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Wish I could be there to cheer you on but You will be in my thoughts all morning. You have trained and eaten well over the past few months so tomorrow hold nothing back. You are a tough, strong, and confident woman and I know tomorrow you will shine. I love the Katy Perry song Roar because it is such an inspiration. Tomorrow the weather will be perfect for you. Leave nothing behind!

    1. Thank you so much. Your support and belief in me is far greater than anyone could hope for. You are the best!

  2. I told my kind-of coach today that I'm going to finally try to live up to my potential and run around a 4:30. If the past 4 weeks are any indication, I can do it. Having told someone who will hold me accountable about it makes me terrified, though. What the hell. Balls to the wall.

    1. You are going to do awesome! So excited to see you tomorrow.

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I'll thinking of you when I do my piddly 10k Turkey Trot tomorrow morning and anxiously awaiting your results. I know you're going to rock it!

    1. Thanks! Have fun at your race. And don't call it piddly. Isn't a marathon just a 10K with a 20-mile warmup or something?

  4. Have an amazing race! You got this! I really liked the first half of that course and think you will enjoy running in 2x! :)

  5. Best of luck tomorrow - you are so well prepared and are going to have a fantastic race!

  6. Have a great race! I'll be cheering you on from afar!