Monday, November 18, 2013

Adventures in cycling: The numbers

I used to think running was expensive - $100 on shoes (or more) every three months, a $250 GPS watch, $80 tights.

 photo null_zps8e507c34.jpg

And then I spent $600 on a road bike (that I've ridden outside all of two times) with visions of participating in my first triathlon in 2014. Along with the bike, came $50 shorts that make me feel like I'm wearing a diaper, a $30 water bottle holder and a wish list that topped out at $34,403,203,019.96. Not including race entries.

 photo null_zps6dcc436a.jpg

This weekend, that wish list now totals $34,403,203.011.396 thanks to the purchase of my very first bike computer. Can someone cue some awws?

With the marathon over and the weather taking a chilly turn, I'm looking toward my goals for the off season - train with no pressure, have fun and spend more time on other endeavors that will prepare me for a strong spring. A strong spring that might include a half marathon but definitely a triathlon, and I need to get in the saddle a bit more than once a month.

Hence the bike computer.

Mark has a trainer and the trainer tire, so I really just needed the fancy sensor and display. And by needed, I mean wanted because I am a numbers girl (only in terms of sports) and want to know how far I've ridden and how long it took me. While my husband is pretty knowledgeable and adept at bikes, he thought it would be best to take Miss Peaches to the shop and have the experts put on the computer.

So we did. Nice story, eh?

Well, you're going to ride around the bike stor like a maniac - that's what.

It took a bit longer than anticipated, not so much in selection as there was only one that could do what I wanted but in the installation time. We occupied ourselves by gasping at the price of Spinervals DVDs, cycling shoes, clipless pedals and jerseys (that wish list might have grown pricier) and chasing our bike-loving toddler around.

Now it's up to Mark to get it all set up - or for me to learn how to get it set up - so I can go for a ride this week. In my basement. While watching "The Walking Dead."

Any good workouts for this cycling newb?


  1. I've found some good workouts on Pinterest. I think the Train Like a Mother book has some, too, in their injury chapter. Some days, I'll just do my own intervals to whatever I'm watching, such as spin easy during the show and sprint the commercials, or sprint during any singing on Glee (don't judge).

  2. I should get back on my bike....sadly it just sits in the basement! Maybe a trainer would help...something to think about!

  3. I've got the road bike and the diaper pants but still no fancy shoes, computer or trainer. No workout advice either. I just show up to a spin class every now and then.

  4. Running is extremely cheap compared to cycling! Hope you enjoy cycling after you get the basics. Don't wait on the clipless pedals--they make a huge difference.

  5. I am so tempted to do a tri but the bike part always stops me. I can't wait to hear all about your cycling adventures this winter. I am a total numbers nerd too and that bike computer looks really cool :)