Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pucker up: Snacking smarter

My advice was succinct: KISS -- otherwise known as Keep It Simple, Sassypants.

I was recently contacted by Joy Bauer's people, who were seeking "unique" tips for weight loss and maintenance for a potential segment - "Real People, Real Weight Loss."

While I am real person who really lost weight, I initially gaffed at the request. People always seem to be looking for new tips, the next best thing, but I believe that the old tips are still round because they still work.

However, in this Pinterest-dominated world, I've found an increased pressure to include crazy concoctions in my daily meals. I've also found that these extravagant dishes often have more than a visual impact - they have a nutritional one, as well. Greek yogurt with berries and nuts might be a great source of protein, healthy fat and antioxidants but it will likely come in at more than 250 calories - and that's with good portioning. It also is a mess to put together. Or maybe that's me.

Hence the KISS principle.

As the premise is simple, it's not all that difficult to implement, especially in terms of snacking. I like to be able to grab a few items (totaling 150 calories or so) and throw them in my lunch bag. And that's it. Simple for this sassypants.

Snack smarter with Babybel photo IMG_2449_zps29a602d0.jpg

There's a Babybel cheese with fruit. I prefer apples but pears were on sale this week. As for the Babybel? I prefer them all. There's eight flavors, including White Cheddar and Gouda (oh so good-a!), and I purchase many of them on a regular basis with my own money. Well, Mark's. I like to buy things with Mark's money. This mozzarella round is mild and creamy, allowing it to pair well with a variety of fruit.

Snack smarter with Babybel photo IMG_2450_zpsd32c34ae.jpg

Laughing Cow wedges with high-fiber crackers. Bonus points: Keep the crackers in the desk drawer. I do not get bonus points as I relied on the options in the vending machine. These Wheat Thin Veggie Chips are not quite the Doctor Kracker ones I was hoping to pick up at the co-op but not too bad if you are mindful of portions.

Snack smarter with Babybel photo IMG_2451_zps09d04217.jpg

A little appetizer platter - baby carrots, crackers, Babybel ... and RADISHES. I eat all.the.radishes.

If you insist on being fancy, try a packable version of the caprese salad. Dice tomatoes and Babybel Mozzarella, put it in a plastic container with a drizzle of olive oil and seas salt. Eat solo or with the crackers you stashed in your desk.

Or the ones you steal from a friend's desk. Shh, don't tell him.

How do you snack smarter?

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Disclosure: Mini Babybel® Cheese provided me with product for this review. However, thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the brand.

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  1. those are great suggestions! i love this link from 100 days of real food about snacks for kids and adults

    i feel like it really simplifies snacks and with 85 ideas, there should be something for everyone.