Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To my dearest Nuun

When my feet first stepped onto the Delta flight en route to Seattle, I was certain that I couldn't be certain of anything about the journey that lie ahead.

 photo 091_zps6bda1565.jpg

I didn't know whether I'd run well (I did), whether my teammates would like me (I hope) or whether I'd have to sully the Oregon countryside with a Code Brown (I did not). The only thing I felt confident in was that I was in for one heck of a trip.

 photo 042_zpsd92e3f91.jpg

And what a trip it was.

 photo 045_zpsd8d125bc.jpg

There was sprinting - and I mean sprinting - from concourse to concourse in the Detroit airport, getting a bit lost in Seattle, visiting the nest and, oh, you know, running 200 miles across Oregon. There was laughing and crying and maybe a bit of cursing. Oops. There were hugs and cheers. There were moments lived and friends made.

 photo 081_zpse54e38d6.jpg

And none of it would have been possible without you, Nuun.

 photo 090_zps412e9b10.jpg

From the first breath of PNW air to the last, I was blown away by the warm welcome, hospitality and generosity of the company and the athletes behind it. I could have never dreamed about just how well the team would be treated - not as a group of bloggers to spread the message of Nuun but as people, first, and then runners.

 photo 089_zpsbf4fa4cb.jpg

I knew I liked Nuun when I took the trip, those little tablets that power me through tough runs and classes, but I can wholeheartedly say, without a doubt, that I love your company, its mission and the way it embraces the athletic community. I couldn't feel more blessed and honored to have spent five days representing you in the PNW.

 photo 046_zpsf09558c6.jpg

And though my socially awkward self might not have been able to express that in person, I hope that you know, from the bottom of my heart, how grateful I am for the experience. More importantly, thank you for believing in us ... and me.


  1. Aww, I am so happy to hear you had such a great time with the group! And got all your runs in minus code brown. LOL!

  2. TOUCHE!!! Very well said, so glad I got to meet you and hope we RUN into each other sometime in the near future!

  3. It was such a wonderful time! I'm glad we got to meet each other!