Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Oh, how the garden grows

 photo null_zps591fa3e8.jpg

 photo null_zpsbe2fd34d.jpg

 photo 0186fd16-8efa-4cce-86e3-da1b60d750bd_zpsa90b77b1.jpg

 photo null_zps591066ec.jpg

 photo null_zpsd5891eda.jpg

 photo null_zpse8764e70.jpg


  1. It's been so wet here, I'm afraid to go look at our garden. Pretty sure it's lost in weeds. Happy holiday weekend!

    1. Photos are deceiving - plenty of weeds in there plus some plants my dog sat on. He has a penchant for hopping the fence, getting stuck and planting his butt on my squash. We have lucked out with a lot of rain but plenty of sunshine, which seems to be doing the plants a lot of favors.

  2. Oh gosh, when we had a garden the green beans were SO good. I was really excited about them, and Steven didn't get why, until he tried some! I hope you get a TON of produce! :)

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