Monday, July 8, 2013

The more we live two-gether

Beyond the closed door and down the stairs, a faint voice carried through.

"Happy birthday to you."

It grew louder as I crept.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you."

Up the step I went, turning onto the landing.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you."

I slowly turned a nob and as I cracked the door, I could see a full fledged smile and eyes brighter than the beautiful July sun. 

It seems appropriate that Miles rang in his second birthday by asserting his independence and refusing to take a nap. On another day, I might have been harried and frustrated but a smirk grew and I found myself outstretching my arms to pick him up. I gave him a kiss and said, "Yes. It is a happy birthday to you."

Maybe it was a bit of shock - it's still hard to believe that my little guy is 2 years old. The little bugger who had to make a definite entrance into the world is a real, live human being with his own thoughts, words and personality. 

And lots of it.

 photo null_zpsb4f6a524.jpg

Thoughts. Oh, Miles has them and most of them have to do with you not helping him. He has always been independent but he has become fiercely so, often telling Mark and I to move back as he climbs the big boy slide at the park or takes our stairs standing up unassisted.

 photo null_zps35c71c49.jpg

His favorite things include dinosaurs, Elmo, Thomas the Train, anything with trace amounts of sugar, going to the park, reading and anything sports related. He loves to ride his tricycle, hang out in the pool and swing a bat with his T-ball set. I went to a new multi-sport store this weekend, and I joked that I've got a future triathlete on my hand.

What is he not a fan of? Waiting. Being patient. Being told no. Not getting his way. You know - the typical toddler things.

 photo null_zps18eb392e.jpg

Words. Miles has always been a verbal kid but his language seems to multiply daily, and Mark and I couldn't begin to count how many words he knows. We've heard that doctors might say he doesn't really know but we're fairly certain that he knows what he's saying 99 percent of the time. He speaks in sentences, some with as many as six words, and is beginning to illustrate cause and effect in his speech. For example, he said, "Miles cry because sing happy birthday," referencing a fit he threw during his mini party with Nana and Papa. He also likes to ask questions - "What's that?", "What's he doing?", "What does 'I love you' mean?"

Despite his seemingly robust vocabulary, his favorite phrase remains "I hungry."

 photo 580476_10152980545870072_307683287_n_zps23101da3.jpg

Personality. Like I said, he's fiercely independent. He's also outgoing and thrives on the attention of others. He's funny and knows what to do to get a good laugh out of you. In quiet moments, though, he can be incredibly sweet. He likes to give his stuffed animals hugs and I caught him today singing to his baby doll and putting it down for a nap. 

Every day is a new surprise (and sometimes a test), and I couldn't feel any more grateful to have such an amazing kid. Happy birthday, Miles!


  1. Love him :) HAPPY BIRFDAY TO MILES <3

    (2 is my WAY favorite frustrating as it can be, it's so much fun to watch them figure out new stuff EVERY DAY)

  2. Happy Birthday Miles! I cannot believe our tiny babies are two! Ella is also in a fiercely independent phase right now often saying 'no mommy, I do it myself.'

    Next time you come to Colorado we have to get them together. I can imagine the hilarity that will ensue.

    1. YES! We were hoping to get back this summer but it didn't quite work out. I really want to do Bolder Boulder next year. So far away. Sad face.

  3. Happy birthday, Miles!! Can't wait to come hang out with you again.

  4. Happy Birthday to Miles! Can't believe. He's two. Time flies.

  5. Happy birth day! You know, as a kid, I never considered what my mother might be thinking of on my birthday... but of course it's a special day for a mom, too! Take some time to remember what your birth day was like, even as you celebrate his :-)

  6. Ahh! Happy Birthday Miles! You are such a smart little kid. Independent... like mom? ;)

    "Waiting. Being patient. Being told no. Not getting his way. You know - the typical toddler things." Um... this describes me too... I hope that is okay!