Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Get into gear

I have sunshine. I have raindrops on roses. But, dangit, I could use some puppies and rainbows. There's just something about this day, this week, that makes me yearn for a little boost.

And a fast-forward button.

And a mute button.

And a humidity control button.

But, alas, despite my whining, there are good things abound.

 photo null_zpsb178430e.jpg

1. Just as the mercury inched up this week, a big ole box from Nathan Performance Gear arrived. Presents for me!

As part of my ambassadorship, I had the opportunity to select five items - count them, FIVE - to use and abuse. I solicited advice on Facebook and went with some of your favorites - a handheld, hydration belt, hydration pack, reflective vest and booster belt. My previous handheld, also a Nathan, is smelly and the elastic is not so elastic anymore and I've been antsy pantsy to try a belt. Needless to say, I'm pretty amped to put all of it to work..

2. While we are on the topic of hydration, nuun loves you almost as much as I do and wants you to be full of electrolytes this summer. You can use the code "hydrateHTC" to receive 15 percent off any order now through September.

Right now, they have a pretty sweet deal, too - a free watermelon bottle with a 4-pack purchase. I'm holding out for a lemonade bottle. Gotta stick with my team.

3. I am taking a step forward in my project, "Make Shit Happen 2013." It's not anything earth shattering but I am reluctant to share just yet. Call me superstitious, if you will. I'm realizing, though, that as I take on more things that I need to take on more sports bras. Well, buy them. If I was just running four days a week, I'd be good to go but I'm up to eight or nine workout sessions a week - all of which require a fresh bra - and I'll need three decent ones for Hood to Coast.

Yeah, that's about it on that one.

How's your day going? Feel free to share humorous insights but I will reject all offers of puppies because my OCD dog will not stop licking the floor. And it's annoying.


  1. ooh I've been eyeing up that excat hydration pack. Can't wait to hear how you like it!

    Having a crap day here. Just realized my shirt has been inside out all day...

    1. Rachel, I have that exact hydration pack and LOVE IT. I've had it for about 18 months and use it for every run 10 miles and over. I'm tall and really thin and I cinch the straps down but it still always rides really well. Last summer I was wearing it with only a sports bra and never had any chafing at all. And then in the winter the straps are long enough to go over all my layers and my jacket which is great too. All in all, it has definitely been worth the money.

  2. These pictures are awesome. I'd likely make love to my new gear too...

  3. Yay for presents!! That's like Christmas Day! Five items, holy moly!

  4. what great gifts! I have looked at the backpack hydration packs for our Colorado hiking trips but have never figured out which one to get. You will have to let me know how yours works out. With the hot and humid weather we have been having it will come in handy.
    P.S. I am going online right now to order the NUUN watermelon bottle. Love watermelon!

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  6. Those look AWESOME! I just bought my first ever hydration belt but have only used it hiking so far.

  7. I'm all over the Nuuns...due date is rapidly approaching and it's my favorite labor drink! That sounds strange. It is also hotter than hell here so hydration is my best friend.