Monday, June 17, 2013

Dip into the dark side

I'd like to say that I was the life of the party this weekend but I'm fairly certain I killed it.

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And by killed it, I mean that I made the most delicious dip on the planet. It easily beat out the Chili Cheese Fritos and Star Crunch treats that Mark's bachelor friend contributed.

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It was so good that Mark grabbed the chip-dip dish and sat with it on the couch as our hosts tried to solve a grill malfunction. I'm fairly certain that he ate 90 percent of it within 5 minutes. Note: We were inside because of rain, which was not related to the malfunction but should have earned our hosts extra points.

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The dip is a creamy take on the party favorite, guacamole. Filled with heart healthy fats from avocado, protein from non-fat Greek yogurt and a depth from fresh lime juice, it tastes great with multigrain chips for a gathering or could be an afternoon snack when served with bell pepper slices or carrots.

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The star of the dish is Laughing Cow's Queso Fresco & Chipotle wedges. The spice in the cheese gives it just the right kick and seasoning without being overpowering.

And, in case you were wondering, the life of the party was Thomas. Thomas the Tank Engine, who took the form of a riding toy to thoroughly entertain my child for the duration of the party so I could eat whatever dip I could score from Mark's greedy grasp.

Creamy Avocado Dip

2 avocados, divided
4 wedges Laughing Cow Queso Fresco & Chipotle wedges
1/4 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
1 tomato, seeded and chopped
1/2 onion, diced
Juice of one lime
Handful cilantro, roughly chopped
Sea salt, to taste

Peel and mash one avocado. Add Laughing Cow wedges and Greek yogurt, using the back of a fork to mash together; continue until thoroughly combined. Dice remaining avocado, adding it to the bowl along with in diced tomato and onion, lime juice and cilantro. Taste and season with sea salt as necessary. Serve with multigrain chips or cut vegetables.

Disclosure: Laughing Cow provided me with product at no charge but I was not otherwise compensated for this post. I was not required to publish a post about the product nor develop a recipe. All thoughts are my own.


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  2. This looks delicious - avocado is my current food obsession, so I'll have to give this a try!

  3. That sounds great. I wonder if our store has that flavor of laughing cow

    1. I always look at Walmart if the regular grocer doesn't have it.

  4. Seriously that sounds amazing. I love those little laughing cow and babybel cheeses.

  5. This sounds super yummy! I might need to try :)

  6. That looks really good! Who knew Laughing Cow even made that flavor cheese? Color me clueless no longer.

  7. This looks delicious. I really like Laughing Cow.

  8. That looks so good! I'm definitely going to try this recipe. Cilantro and avocado have been my besties this summer.

  9. Looks REALLY good! Glad y'all had a fun (and yummy) time! :0)