Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Celebrate good times

It's a sad day as a runner when you realize that you only have one pair of usable shoes.

For the better part of six months, I alternated between two pairs - Nike Structure Triax and Nike Lunar Flys - in addition to a few old pair of Triax that I could throw in the mix if I was on the treadmill and forgot to bring my shoes to the basement. Since ditching the Triax in April, I've been rocking the Brooks Ravennas exclusively.

I do have some miles remaining on the Lunar Flys but I have a sinking suspicion that the lighter pair of sneaks are related to some IT tenderness I was experiencing after Run the Bluegrass in March. No bueno.

 photo 0db43d1a-1528-4b02-9448-90373c731db7_zps35781350.jpg

And though I laced up the Ravennas yesterday for a short 3-miler, I slipped them on again this morning for 5 miles on June 5 in honor of National Running Day.

The run was pleasant. The oppressive humidity that hung in the air for the past two weeks has dissipated and the sun is beginning to rise just a bit earlier, with the light peaking out over the horizon before I finish. It's cool and bright, a rare combination. I took an out-and-back route that keeps me from bailing before 5, and I was able to catch one of the last whiffs of the lilac bushes for the season.

 photo null_zpsb35d1fbf.jpg
The gratuitous watch shot is not nearly as cute with the Motoactv as it is with a Garmin model. Womp, womp.

My legs were a bit sore from yesterday's double (or triple if you count the a.m. 3-miler) - teaching Piloxing and BODYPUMP last night - but the pace felt nice  and my body thanked me for moving. It was a run that made me glad I do it. Reminded me of why.

 photo BrooksNationalRunningDayInfographic_zps62dd0669.jpg

According to a Brooks Running survey, runners participate in the sport for exercise, enjoyment, health and mental health (in that order). I'd probably put mental health a little higher, especially after having such a clear head this morning.

The survey also said 57 percent of runners buy two or more pairs of shoes a year and since I'm only at one six months in, I think I have earned a new pair. For alternating sake, at the least.

Happy National Running Day! How did you celebrate?

Ready to Rock? The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is offering the biggest discount of the year with $20 off any race in the series domestically today only in celebration of National Running Day. Join the ranks of Will Ferrell, Sheryl Crow, Bachelor Sean Lowe, James Marsden, Jennifer Love Hewitt and others who have participated in the races. I stood next to Guiliana Rancic and totally talked to her when I did RnR Chicago and got to split 13.1 with my BFF in New Orleans.


  1. Happy National Running day!!!! I am dying to do RnR New Orleans but next year is too close to baby birth :(. I'll have to go for it in 2015!!!

  2. Happy National Running day!!

  3. Happy National Running Day! I just ordered a 2nd pair of Newtons so I can start alternating some. I've never done that before.

  4. Really you saw Guiliana Rancic? Cool! I was busy escorting The Bachelor Dr. Andy Baldwin last year at RnR Chi. Haha!