Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's go shopping: Old Navy Activewear

Disclaimer: The following is a post about a sample and share opportunity via Crowdtap. I received a coupon good for free activewear but otherwise was not compensated for this post. I was not required to write about my experience though a good report may qualify me for a higher score and top award.

I started clicking my mouse furiously when the email came through my inbox. Because if I have learned anything through my Crowdtap membership, it's speed that counts.

 photo null_zps141a5b8e.jpg

And counted it did as I was recently selected by the marketing website to get Fashionably Fit in Old Navy Activewear. I received two coupons, each good for an active bottom and an active top. My drawers might be overflowing with workout gear but as I add on new classes (and spend more time gardening than doing laundry), fresh, fashionable gear is a must.

 photo null_zps4e1b30f5.jpg

I headed to the store after BODYPUMP this week, "twisting the arm" of my friend C to join me. If there was someone who liked to look good while working out more than me, it is her. She always has the greatest clothes in class and fun shoes to boot. (We even have matching Brooks Ravennas.)

 photo null_zpsce407489.jpg

Our Old Navy recently remodeled to one of the new concept models, and I was worried that the smaller space would mean less clothes to peruse. We were both happy to discover that not only did they have plenty of pieces but ample selection of sizes.

 photo null_zps6a607246.jpg

Bright colors lined the racks, and it was like kids in a candy store ... but healthier. Had I not done some pre-shopping online, I might have lost it. However, I knew I wanted to check out the printed compression capris to jazz up my BODYPUMP repertoire and look for tanks that would be good for Piloxing.

 photo null_zpsdc203d90.jpg

While I didn't find the message tees I loved so much, I did find a black version of the capris and a knotted tank that wasn't online. Done and done.

 photo null_zps3b217596.jpg

Or maybe not. As I helped C shop, I found more and more that I wanted. Printed shorts, padded sports bras, foldover yoga pants. Many in bright colors and fashionable prints.

I was debating the options and decided there's no better way to make a selection than talk it out. In a completely staged and rehearsed manner. Obviously.

So what did I get? Well, you'll have to wait and see. My stylist hasn't been able to come over to help me get ready for a photo shoot ... or I'm dressed for the imminent run No. 2 for the day and didn't want to change.

Do you wear workout wear from Old Navy? What do you think I got?


  1. Old Navy Activewear is 90% of what I wear to run! Love Crowdtap, too! :0) Can't wait to see what you decided on!

  2. Cool -- can't wait to see what you chose!

  3. I've never heard of Crowdtap... must check them out. I haven't actually tried old navy's gear, but now it looks like I need to. And how dare you not show us the final verdict!

  4. Love the printed pants! They will look adorable on you. They really had a lot of workout wear to chose from. Thanks for allowing me to tag along. I can't wait to wear my new gear!

  5. I am impressed to take a glance at the collection of Old Navy Active wear. Those shorts and lime color tank top is stunning. Even I have two pairs of Carbon38 tank tops in the same color and those look very decent in peak summer. The style of those tops is somewhat different and cute.