Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday finds

It's almost the weekend. Put your party hat on!

 photo 5397_10152708238900072_741091002_n_zpsf12745ef.jpg

Sorry - that was just a shameless introduction to use this photo of Miles. Deal.

So this morning I had planned to go to Piloxing since the Train Like A Mother plan had me doing a fun workout. And Piloxing is definitely fun. When I showed up to the studio, though, I learned that it was on spring break. Well, not Piloxing itself but the instructor or the people who run the studio - either way, I wasn't going to get in my planned workout.

Womp, womp.

I was slightly disappointed but I had packed clothes to runch (fun workout = fun workout + 3 miles for Kim). I was fine. And, Fresh market was next door so I could pick up an apple for a mid-morning snack and freshly ground almond butter ... and whatever else caught my eye.

 photo 42049BCE-D7DF-41D6-9877-520C526D204D-2948-000005D1EE3C2068_zps286b8c9b.jpg

Hint Fizz in watermelon. I've been avoiding this stuff, thinking it had sweetener, but low and behold it's just a calorie-free sparkling water. Huzzah! The sparkles reminded me of nuun and it had a sharpness in flavor (because it's unsweetened) but I really liked it. Not get a "blow the grocery budget and buy out the store" like it but "could get again for funsies" like it.

Snapea Crisps. I decided to look for kale chips and then stopped looking for them when I realized they were $7.99. On the shelf right below, though, were Snapea Crisps. They looked interesting enough, have 130 calories per serving and were a mere $1.99. I'm hoping they can fill a snack void during the #sugardetox.

Seapoint Farms Dry-Roasted Edamame. My favorite snack disappeared from my diet when the nearby Marshall's closed, and it's been missed to say the least. As luck would have it, I found it right next to the Snapea Crisps. Also 130 calories per serving. Also $1.99.

Red Curry Paste. OK, this probably isn't unusual but they definitely don't have it Aldi. I was impressed with myself that I thought to look for it while I was there as I have a Thai Sweet Potato Soup on the books for next week.

Smart & Delicious Soft Wrap Minis - Three Seed. Also on the menu books next week? Curry tuna salad. It would be delicious on a mini bagel but I thought it might be smart and delicious on these wraps. Ha. I made a funny. Anyway, no sugar plus 50 calories each makes it a winner ... assuming it doesn't taste like my sweaty sports bras.

Any good food finds to share?


  1. Love the picture of Miles! Ella also like to put any that could possibly be a hat on her head.

    I was shocked at how expensive kale chips are! Ridiculous. I may just have to make some of my own...but I'm kinda lazy these days.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The drink sounds yummy and so do the snapea chips! Hope you enjoy! :0)

  3. Those snap pea crisps are really good. They are light and airy and delicious.

  4. Love that pic of Miles!!! Little man is so cute :) I have no good finds at the grocery store lately but I do have a good story. My father never ever shops at the grocery store. Like ever. He went one time a year or so ago and came home to tell us all that jello now comes in individual cups. HAHAHAHA He was shocked by that and we told him that started about 2 decades ago. LOL

  5. Cute/silly Miles! I seem to be eating Easter eggs exclusively these days so no food finds for me.