Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Making $hit happen

I've declared that 2013 was the year that I was going to make shit happen.

I've been pretty vague as to what the shit I want to make happen will look like in an effort to protect myself. I mean, seriously, everyone is on the interwebs (except my grandma), and I don't want to suffer some of the consequences to putting it all out there.

However, I can share some things. Three things, which are all a part of making shit happen this year.

1. This evening, I taught a circuit class at a freight and shipping company through a workplace wellness program that is managed by a local gym. I had initially contacted the gym about teaching a circuit/bootcamp class at its new location, which is near my 'hood, but the manager thought of me when the gym was looking to fill the Thursday night class.

Yes, you could say I was excited.

He said I had free reign to do what I wanted, and I opted to stick with what I know - strength training. There were three circuits and each circuit had three sets. To make it even more fun, the sets in each circuit got progressively harder. Think: Begin with deadlift, end with single leg deadlift. The class went well but they requested more fun. I'm afraid "fun" might be tough for me so I'd love to know what makes group fitness fun for you.

2. I have been mentioning it here and there and thinking about it even more but taking on this new class has cemented my decision. I am going to pursue my personal training certification. I want to make sure that I'm ready and qualified for any opportunities that come my way and being a CPT is key.

I've chatted with a handful of people and done my research, and I have decided that I am going to go through the American Council on Exercise. The owner of the gym through which I am doing the circuit class and a gal I took BODYPUMP instructor training with both recommended ACE, as it's a well-rounded program, has a number of other certifications and, most importantly, is recognized by the NCCA. I also liked that Les Mills certifications can be counted toward required continuing education credits and the ACE certification is among those listed as acceptable for employment by the YMCA.

3. I feel like the details are a little sketchy on this one but it seems that I am going to be an ambassador for Nathan Sports in 2013. I am a fan of the company's Facebook page, and I was entering its daily holiday giveaways. The final giveaway was the chance to be an ambassador, and entrants had to give their mantra for 2013.

Mine? Be epic. Despite my frustrations, it is still my goal, and I'm using my mantra to keep me motivated during this time in my training.

I've filled out a survey for Nathan and I've been told I can expect some goodies but what it actually means, I'm still unsure. Regardless, I'm pretty pumped to work with the company. My first handheld was a Nathan Sports, and I still have the "sleeve." (The actual bottle was lost when I ran the HUFF 50K relay in 2011.) It carried me through several half marathons and my Columbus Marathon training cycle. I busted it out last weekend for my 10-miler and was, well, intrigued to discover a Swedish fish from the fall in the zip pocket.

I didn't eat it. I promise.


  1. So many exciting things going on for you! I have to say that I would love to eventually become a personal trainer one day. Maybe when I'm done pumping kids out I can really focus some of those goals!

  2. Sounds like a lot of good things!
    "Fun" can be as little as peppy music, or even if you felt nervous, they might have felt it, too.

  3. Those are all awesome! I'm excited for you.

  4. YAY! Awesome goals! I am not talking about it on my blog, but I am studying to get ACE certified right now. I start teaching a class on March 4th ;) We can share ideas! :)

    1. Twinsies! So exciting! Hearing you picked ACE, too, makes me feel even better because you are my current fitness hero.

    2. Aww, you are too sweet. Thank you! :)

      (Downloading tunes for my first class now! Damn, had to buy the non-explicit version of Thrift Shop. LAME.)

  5. Wow! Sounds like 2013 is going to be amazing for you!!

  6. I think you will love studying for certification. You put so much into the BodyPump one. I'm super excited for you! I thought I'd add a suggestion for a fun circuit class. Including some silly cardio sets like P90X wacky jacks or sprints across the room with the whole class make it feel more like PE in elementary school than a work out. Maybe including a set where each person (for a smaller class) has to choose the next exercise. For example, they have to choose something for the lower body or quads or cardio. That way they're participating in leading the class as well as being a participant. Good luck! I'm imagining that your classes are awesome. Would love to take one!