Friday, February 8, 2013

Fifteen for Friday

Ladies and gents, it is my pleasure to inform you ... that things are about to get random.

The ever lovely Danielle recently tagged me/game me the Liebster Award, and Liz just did a random things post so I thought I'd combine the two into a post of my own. I'm either incredibly cool, original ... or neither.

1. This morning, I attended a lovely breakfast albeit more of a meet-and-greet at a local elementary school. I've been a tutor through the school district's program for seven years (?), and I'm in fourth year of tutoring the same girl. The breakfast is a chance to meet her teacher this year, talk about any issues and see the classroom. My teacher had a meeting so I talked to the school coordinator and ate a lemon poppyseed muffin while I tried to entertain Miles.

2. The program actually brings a group of students to the office and there are eight of us who work with the kids. We do homework, read and eat snacks. And I make the snacks. Usually, it's a combination of fruit, grain and peanut butter though I might spice things up with Goldfish crackers and carrots. I'll tell you this: Apple and PB is an acceptable combo but putting banana and PB in a tortilla will confuse the heck out of some kids.

3. After tutoring for so long, one of my biggest fears is that Miles will struggle in school and I will not be able to help. They teach things so differently now, and I once had to have a fifth-grader show me how to multiply. Seriously.

4. My co-worker went to Florida and all I got was a stinkin' orange fresh from the grove. Two, actually, because my work husband hates most fruits and gave me his. By the way, the oranges are only stinkin' in the stinkingly awesome way.

5. My work husband and I frequently go to the nearby hospital cafeteria for lunch and one of the cashiers asked me if we were indeed married. I laughed. We make good friends but I'm pretty sure we'd kill each other within a week.

6. My actual husband and I will be celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend. We have a total sexy thing planned. Miles will go to Camp Grandma and then we're going to run a 5K and paint the kitchen. If things get out of hand, we'll get brunch.

7. I initially had high hopes of PRing the 5K but my runs of late have showed me that my fitness might not be where I thought it was. My PR is 25:33 and I finished the same race last year in 27:35. My adjusted goal is to finish closer to the PR than last year's race.

8. I have a $35 gift card to Amazon, and I have no idea how to use it. I considered buying ZCut but some of the reviews say that it's not worth it when you can get the ZWOWs for free on YouTube. I am also thinking of trying protein powder but I hate to see blowing it on something I might not like.

9. My friend has gotten me addicted to this game called Ruzzle. I seriously could play it for hours. If only it didn't eat data on my phone ...

10. I began playing Scrabble as a youngin', sitting on my mom's lap as she played with my grandma. I absolutely love the game, and I still play (and get beat by) Grandma when I visit Cincinnati. Mark even proposed on a Scrabble board, and we had games set out at our wedding for guests to play.

11. I have asparagus on my grocery list but I have no idea why. I am not making anything that asparagus will complement nor do the boys of the house eat it.

12. I am a complete meal planner, and I often know what I'm making for the next week by Wednesday. Our upcoming meal plan includes broccoli pesto from "Happy Herbivore"; Blackened Salmon Po Boys with Alexia Multigrain Onion rings; beef stew; and ... I am still missing a meal. Any ideas?

13. I often track my menus/meal ideas on Pinterest. It's far easier than bookmarking things at work and hoping I remember to print out the recipe before going home. I think I might be one of the few who actually makes the things she pins.

14. This one might not be my style but my friend/roommate posted a story on Facebook about a Disabled veteran asking people to sign a petition as his service dog faces euthanasia for biting woman who beat him with a pole. It's an incredibly sad story and makes me want to hit things.

15. My college roommate deserves a medal for living with me. Mostly because I napped in her bed when I didn't want to climb into my loft.

Happy Friday! Any randomness today?


  1. I like Jarrow French Vanilla protein powder. Get it from Amazon, $22 for 2 lbs. No super crazy ingredients.

  2. I love that you're a tutor! That's awesome.

    Amazon has running shoes...

  3. I have made most of the recipe's I've pinned. I hate clutter and I am the same way with my Pinterest boards. If I don't intend on doing anything with the pin then I don't pin it! Major meal planner too! The only prob is that my husband is extremely spontaneous (I am not), and so I tell him the menu for the next week and he says it sounds fine, but then changes his mind when it comes time for me to actually make the meal. We've been budgeting this year like crazy so now I tell him he's SOL.

  4. I love that your hubs proposed on a scrabble board. That is so sweet :). That's also awesome that you tutor and meal plan like crazy. I think of dinner about 5 minutes before it's supposed to be on the table.

    Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend you crazy kids. Better not let that painting and 5k'ing get to out of hand.

  5. What about burritos? Whole wheat tortillas, black beans, light cheese?