Sunday, November 18, 2012

31 going on 15

My teenage self is haunting me. Everywhere I seem to click on the Internet, I find sidebar ads for delia's.

You know delia's - the clothing-accessory catalog that ignited my love for body glitter, overpriced sock monkey slippers and clothes my body didn't dare fit into. It makes me feel all angsty thinking about it, and I'm oh so tempted to dig out my Doc Marten's and my uniform skirt.

And, yes, I still have my Doc Marten's.

Alas, I decided that I could find a better way to channel my inner teenager. Like shopping at Old Navy for a new dress to wear for my Saturday night date.

I didn't date much in high school but I'm pretty sure an invitation warranted such a shopping trip. I probably would have tried on more than four sweater dresses and opted for something a little more low-cut. I had bigger boobs then after all. And I would have been trying to impress not one guy but three - Mark, Jacob and Edward.

Yes, I dragged my husband to "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II." And I made him take a cheesy photo of me as Edward, Jacob and Bella looked on. I guess if I was really 15, I would have posted it immediately to Facebook. Total fail on my part.

Now that's better - dress, tights

I more than made for it when I saw the $#%! tease of a trailer came on for "Catching Fire." There might have been squealing and slapping of the chair. Might have.

I'm pretty sure once the intro started rolling that my inner teen buried herself back in my belly. I spent the next two hours only mildly enthralled and didn't once giggle when I saw Jacob's abs. I even found myself mocking the ending, which reminded me of the beginning of a soap opera.

Probably why I needed to solidify my return to adulthood with a Crispin cider at dinner with Mark.

We had a Living Social deal for a cute little spot near our house, and it included two drinks, two soups or salads, an appetizer and two entrees. Their burgers are great and it makes a feel decidedly hip to eat there.

Sort of like a teenager. But not.


  1. Okay, I just started looking at after reading this post!

  2. Ha ha ha. I bet that is how I will feel when I see this movie... my sister is really in to the series and I have to watch it with so she can explain it to me. She took work off on Thursday to do the movie marathon then see the final.

    I never bought anything from Delia's when I was a kid but was SO EXCITED when the catalog came and whenever I see a Delia's store front now I so badly want to go in :)

  3. I totally still have my Docs..ha! I hate to say it but I have never seen a Twilight movie. Shocker, I know. Would have loved to see that trailer for Catching Fire though.

  4. We took the kids to see it on Sunday. I can't wait for Catching Fire to come out!