Thursday, September 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday: I'm a Kenyan

I've been out on the trail, just working on my fitness, and this morning I saw all my hard work come to fruition.

I was running a large loop of the neighborhoods around me, when I glanced down at the MOTOACTV. To my shock, I was going at a 4:08 pace. That's running a minute per mile faster than any of those during the Olympic marathons and 9 seconds faster than the female record mile.

Of course, the MOTOACTV is a big, fat jerk (just like my husband) because not 10 minutes before it said I was running at a 24:XX pace.

Talk about running steady. That there pace is all over the place - just like the MOTOACTV.

1. This morning's run was supposed to be a 9-mile negative split outing (4, 4, 1) but I shortened it to 8 miles because running more than that on a Thursday seems ludicrous to me. My hope was to negative split the run 3, 3, 2 but, according to that fancy-schmancy watch, I did not. My splits: 8:06, 10:48, 10:27, 8:37, 9:19, 11:10, 10:37, 8:25. There's about three miles out of the eight that seem like they could be right.

I'll let you guess.

2. It's not far-fetched to think that if my pace was all over the place that there must have been something wrong with the satellites. Being as intelligent as I am, I am obviously right.

I just didn't know how right.


The top map is the MOTOACTV route and the bottom is what I mapped on Daily Mile. I'm not sure if you can tell but there are huge discrepancies in the routes. It's not like it had me running through yards rather than streets. Oh, no - I was running in areas I didn't even come close to and in a shape that nowhere resembles the route I did run.

As to be expected, again because I'm smart, there was a difference in mileage. The MOTOACTV said I ran 8 miles on the dot; Daily Mile, 8.41.

Shit. Much closer to that prescribed 9 than I'd like.

3. I got home from this epic outing about 15 minutes after Miles woke up. Mark was busy warming a banana muffin and topping it with peanut butter for the lil guy when I tried to give him a hug. No dice. I tried to hold Miles' hand; he clung to Mark's leg. For a good 15 minutes, my child would not let me near him.

And here, I thought I was doing something good as a mom by running early so I could spend the morning with him. So much for that good thought.


  1. I say take the best of both: olympian pace and almost 9 miles of speedy running. BAM!

  2. If I were you I might just tell people about my Olympic pace and if they question it, you can't totally prove it with that watch! ha! I hate when the GPS watches go bonkers. My favorite is when my Garmin says I've run .25 miles when I haven't moved from my driveway. Apparently I can run without knowing I"m running.

  3. Dude. It's like a dog grabed your watch from you, ran all over the universe and then brought it back. Those maps aren't even CLOSE! Or one of those Family Circus comics showing the kid's real route between point A and point B.

    But you totally ARE a Kenyan :)

  4. I've had my GPS do that as well. A couple of times, it's thrown me 100s of miles off of where I was. I think it's a satellite error.