Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 things I hate about you, Wednesday

1. My alarm went off 4:55. Sure it was planned, the idea being that I would get up early, squeeze in a 6-mile hill run solo and get home before Mark went to school. But 4:55 is still pretty figgin' early.

2. Miles woke up at 5:10 as I made my last "just in case" visit to the bathroom. I made two unsuccessful attempts at putting him back down and called it a morning at 5:20 a.m.

3. As I drank not one but two cups of coffee from my new Keurig Vue, I bemoaned the fact that after 14 months, I'm still more than willing to play the martyr. If I had any sense, I still would have gone on my solo run and left Miles with Mark. Instead, I let Mark sleep as I entertained the little man.

4. While I entertained the idea of running after Miles' bed time, I acknowledged that didn't work out so well last week and should do a modified hill run at the very least. The run would be my seventh straight with the BOB, my last free outing being the Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon.

5. I lost any coolness that might have ever existed in my fibers by listening to Elmo radio on Pandora. However, I must thank Running Chronicles for the genius idea because Miles did not fuss one bit during our run.

6. Hills suck. They suck even more when you are pushing a stroller. And if they could get worse, a decidedly lethargic dog will make it so.

7. I really wanted an omelet with egg whites and Laughing Cow Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread but it violates my no-dairy rule. And then I was going to make Banana-Pineapple Pancakes, subbing coconut milk for almond milk, only to discover we were out of bananas.

8. The vending machine Diet Coke that cost me 75 cents was barely cold to the touch.

9. I'm not one to post things like this, very TMI things like this, but for the second time in two weeks I'm taking my purse to the bathroom ... if you get my drift. Despite being on medication to avoid these sorts of things.

10. I'm trying out a BodyMedia FIT for this here blog, and you would think I still had flashing red lights strapped to me the way people are talking to me. Unless you are bringing me a cold Diet Coke, a hot cup of coffee (yes, that would make three) or the doughnut I've been craving all week, you don't need to talk to me.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend what will likely be 20 minutes on hold so I can get Miles' shot records for day care. Too bad there wasn't a sequel called "11 Things I Hate About You" instead of that dumb TV show.


  1. Haha! Whenever I wear my BodyMedia armband I get the strangest looks and comments! I just hope nobody thinks its a alcohol detection device!

  2. i always read your posts and come to the conclusion that you are a rock star mama! getting up at 4:55 is amazing - and i'm so sorry it didn't work out as planned (when does it?!) i totally get the "martyr" reference. why do we do that as moms? dads are perfectly capable of dealing with things when they get rough.

    glad you tried the pandora radio- -i put it on, and secure it to a place in the bob where she can't get it; then i listen to my own music on my iPod. that much "wheels on the bus" might force me to steer us in the direction of an oncoming bus..

    hope wed evening is better than the morning!

  3. Number 3. Why do we do this? I STILL do this!

    Did you know that's one of those "if I turn it on at any point, I must FINISH it" movies for me? Love :)

  4. 1. I've been behind on blog reading, so maybe you changed it awhile ago but i like the new look of the blog header!
    2. just think when you do the actual marathon, it'll feel easy peasy sans stroller
    3. re: taking your purse to the bathroom, that happened to me during training for my first half and for the full, my doc told me it was normal to have a little more breakthrough yuckiness because you're exerting so much more pressure and that as long as it wasn't super heavy, it was okay.
    4. how much do you love your vue? what's your fav flavor?

    I feel like I wrote you a novel. congrats on still getting out there and getting in those miles (with miles!)

  5. Oh man! What a day!! :0( So sorry! Hope today turns out better!!

  6. Hopefully today is working out much better!

    ps-how have I not been following your blog before??? no worries - I fixed that :)

  7. Awesome movie! What's up with the diet coke not being horrible. That would make me so sad for the day. :) I'm still in the stage where BOB runs make L fall asleep but I will definitely have to bring some music with us when that changes. Hope someone has a Grover station!

  8. Sorry, but your terrible day made me so happy when interspersed with these pics. I hope this Wednesday is better to you.