Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wild time

I'm not sure where I got the idea that doing things with my child would be fun. My grandma would say that it's because I watched too many soap operas as a teenager. I would like to argue that I'm a hopeless optimist ... even though I know that's a crack of bull.


Last night, Mark and Miles picked me up from work so that we could head to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo’s annual Zooau. The postcard advertised picnic fare, games, free rides and family fun.

Read: It advertised a meal that I did not have to cook and entertainment for my child that did not involve Elmo and his goldfish and his crayon.


The picnic fare turned out to be hot dogs and chips, which is great for families with children older than 2 but how the heck am I supposed to give Miles a bag of chips. Seriously.

IMG_0044My child did manage to take down the hot dog and part of his bun. He might have been holding out. Seeing as he is the brightest child this side of the Mississippi, he was able to read that we had frozen treat tickets.


Push-Ups are delicious. Because I said so.


After destroying Miles’ faith in humanity by taking away said deliciousness, we tried to navigate our way through the zoo to the log ride. Mark has been wanting to take our child on this ride since we got the membership and it was free. Free trumps rational thought when taking a tired, more than likely hungry baby on a ride that requires him to sit still.


The picture says it all. I’m tired, he’s irritated and we’re both wondering when the damn thing will end.

I praised grilled cheesus when it was over only to be frustrated by the throngs of folks wandering around like zombies in search of the nearest relief. Determined-to-leave moms be damned! We want misters!

As we walked to the car, I lamented to Mark that the Zooau was supposed to be this great thing we did as a family. It was supposed to be fun. We were supposed to be making memories. Instead, I was daring my husband to run over misguided youths with the stroller and kick people who stepped in our way. I wanted to toss the child in the trunk and see whether my Mazda lived up to the Zoom-Zoom hype.

I, of course, would never do the latter. Safety all the way. It is possible that I might “accidentally” clip a 10-year-old with a stroller if he was walking unaware around the zoo as he played with a PSP.

Notes for next year:

Only go to the Zooau if it is not 900 degrees.

Go at a weird time when there will be less people.

Bring actual sustenance, such as carrot sticks, fruit and Diet Coke.

Ride the ride first before anyone gets cranky.

Do not let apprehensive child touch blow-up hockey mascot as it will result in uncontrollable screaming.

Give the tickets (and the child) to the grandparents and meet girlfriends for margaritas.

Editor’s note: I guess it didn’t help my attitude toward people that I was suffering from painful bloat, which I’m attributing to an overpriced nutrition bar I purchased at the coffee shop in the morning. Shakelee’s Cinch, my stomach does not like you.


  1. This entire thing made me laugh. You crack me up!

  2. So often the crap I build up in my head as BEST DAY EVER! turns out to be miserable. Good lessons here :)

  3. I agree with bobbi above. When my kids were little, I had grand visions of the perfect zoo trip, party, vacation, etc... My life got better as I went in to these activities with no expectations whatsoever. Those photos are great!!!

  4. Man, I miss that zoo. The log ride has always been my favorite! I can't wait to take my kiddos there next summer.

  5. Man, I miss that zoo. The log ride has always been my favorite! I can't wait to take my kiddos there next summer.

  6. Sorry to laugh at your expense. But this is quite funny. Exactly the way my day would be if I try to do something I have idealized as fun. Don't have a child yet, but I have that thought too .... trips to the zoos and museums and parks are wonderful family bonding time with the young family... hahaha... maybe not so much..

  7. That log ride looks fun! Sorry you had a not so fun time but I found that some of my favorite childhood memories are of the things we did as a family that turned out to be total disasters. Maybe we are just a cynical bunch but we recall with laughter and humor all those trips that were a big ole mess. Maybe we just did it also to rag on my parents :)

  8. I really want to LOVE the zoo, but this summer it just isn't happening. It is so hot, and it seems like whenever we go there are 9 million people. I totally feel your pain!